In case you didn’t hear the news yet, colorful grout is the latest trend right now. It’s such a simple idea we’re wondering why it didn’t catch on earlier. Before we get into the details and the specifics of this trend, let’s review the general lines. First of all, one of the main reasons why this idea is received with such enthusiasm by designers and home owners all over the world is because it’s such an irresistible combo of features, being both affordable and stylish. There are lots of cool ways to take advantage of that so let’s check out some of them.

An awesome thing about colored grout is that you can actually color it after you’re installed the tiles. That means you can give your tiled fireplace surround a makeover any time you want. To make that happen you’ll need grout sealer which can actually be ordered in any color you want. You’ll have to apply it with a thin paintbrush and the whole process takes a while so you might not want to do this for all your bathroom walls but small surfaces shouldn’t be a problem. This is actually a pretty soothing activity. Find out more details about this sort of project from effortless-style.

Of course applying colored sealer after the tile and the grout are already installed is a good option if you’re planning a makeover but you can actually opt for colored grout right from the start and this is more practical when you’re renovating a space or in the early interior design stages. You’d be amazed how many stylish combinations you can create. You can even get gold-colored grout.

Colorful grout gives you the opportunity to make plain white tile stand out or to refresh a classic design like subway tile for example. A nice shade of blue or turquoise can look exquisite when paired with white.

Opt for colorful grout when planning the design of your kitchen backsplash if you’d like the decor to remain simple and bright but at the same time to have personality and to look interesting and exciting.

You can make a tiled wall look even more exciting if you use hexagon-shaped tiles instead of the regular rectangular kind. This, of course, in combination with some brightly-colored grout can look super cool and stylish.

Colorful grout can turn out to be the perfect idea for a small bathroom. You can use simple white tile which is cheap and easy to install and you can add personality and style to the space with grout in a funky, contrasting color.

The tiles don’t have to be plain and simple although that looks great too. You can find tiles in all sorts of shapes, sizes and even colors and textures and you can use them in combination with colored grout to create an eye-catching display. It’s a cool idea for backsplashes or accent walls but also for tiled floors.

Just because you have the option of finding grout in basically any color under the sun doesn’t mean you have to choose a very bold color. Black of gray grout can look stylish too.

The opposite combination can look interesting too and by that we mean mixing colored tiles and white grout. In fact, any combination of tiles and grout in two different colors can look interesting and fresh.

If you’re not a fan of bold, striking colors and you much rather prefer neutral or soothing tones, that’s ok too. You can still make your tiled walls and floors look exciting by mixing and matching different types of tiles and different colors. This applies to both the tiles and the grout.

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