Blouse is one of the main elements of the female wardrobe. This is a truly versatile garment as a blouse can be worn with almost anything – and with a skirt and with pants, and with a one-piece suit, and with jeans and breeches, and shorts. Blouse is a symbol of femininity and elegance. The more the woman in the wardrobe of blouses, the more subtle and unique images it can create. As is often the case, fashion blouses making a comeback on the catwalks and new collections of 2019. The number of designers offer variations and styles of women’s shoes is so great that there remains no doubt that any woman watching new trends, find a blouse like.

Fashionable colors of women’s skirts spring-summer 2019

The classic black. Models made in black color, in 2019 just never know. They look very feminine and at the same time. The classic white. In a white blouse every woman blooms directly into his eyes. A fashionable model with yoke and ruffles hearken back to the days when we are so fond of magical stories.

Цветные модные блузки весна-лето 2019 фотоЦветные модные блузки весна-лето 2019 фото

To plunge into the world full of sensual fantasies, to help silk blouses noble pearl and graphite shades. About this blouse a fluid silk every woman dreams. Model brick, blue, cream, beige, red, green, and purple hues relevant in the coming season. Simple cut and color to complement each other.

Fashion blouses with off-the-shoulder spring-summer 2019

Blouse off the shoulder, embellished cuffs, flounced and other decorative elements, is an ideal complement for the ensemble in the romantic and casual style for 2019. To create stylish images using these tops is quite easy. If the blouse is short in the way it acts as a background. Elongated model – the dominant component of the bow for 2019, so the rest of the clothes should match them by color and style. Tops with no straps, is available today in a wide range. It can be free or close fitting cut, with short, long or without sleeves, plain or printed.

Цветные модные блузки весна-лето 2019 фотоЦветные модные блузки весна-лето 2019 фото

Blouse with open shoulders can be elastic or to have a free lower edge. They can be worn tucked and untucked. The universal is a white blouse with bare shoulders, which looks great complete with casual jeans and a simple, classic skirt of medium length. Similar sets have different comfort and originality. They are suitable for exploring the city and for romantic meetings. It is worth noting that urban style more in line with tops of adjacent silhouette with simple understated prints.

Fashionable satin blouses for spring-summer 2019

Blouse of satin has long been considered a symptom of anything in poor taste – an abundance of cheap satin products in the late 90s for a long time discouraged the designers from this material. In 2019, the Atlas will survive triumphant return, reminding fashionistas that this fabric is truly Royal. Its use leads back to the first centuries ad, when the satin outfits were the prerogative of the Chinese Imperial family, and the secret of making this iridescent textures owned unit masters.

Цветные модные блузки весна-лето 2019 фотоЦветные модные блузки весна-лето 2019 фото

Of course, genuine luxury has only natural satin. That he chose Alexander Terekhov, Marianna Senchina, Baum und Pferdgarten, Cushnie et Ochs and Sachin & Babi to create an incredibly romantic blouses. Priority is given to deep and rich tones of the night sky, blue, green and red color, but the most versatile option can be considered satin blouse ivory that gently shimmer in the light.

Fashion blouses with bowknot spring-summer 2019

The bow on the blouse is associated with two ribbons, which is a continuation of the collar of the product and tie loops. Perhaps, this variant of the simple bow in the collections for 2019 can be found in minimum quantity. In most cases, the designer tried to make this item of clothing original touches.

Цветные модные блузки весна-лето 2019 фотоЦветные модные блузки весна-лето 2019 фото

Not so simple bow as it seems. Fashion designers remembered all kinds of tying ribbons in history, by making your strokes.

Цветные модные блузки весна-лето 2019 фото

Here are just a few variations of bows that would be worth to pay attention:

    Collar. The classic of classics — two ribbons tied in a bow was brought into fashion by Coco herself in the last century. A new interpretation of the masterpiece of fashion returned just terrifying dimensions of the bow. Tie. Bow on the hem blouse appeared elongated «tails». A non-standard location of this item immediately made the original product. The coupling halves. Absolutely unremarkable blouse straight cut collarless’d still be if it fit couturier had to make one radical change — both of the shelf products were not connected and only the locking element has been the bow. The clamp. Stand-up collar very stylish look with wrapped several times around the ribbons, which eventually was tied in a bow. Two of the tie. The ribbon is a decent length, visually reminiscent of men’s ties, tied in a modest bow to accentuate its original form.

Fashion blouses with ruffles and flounces spring-summer 2019

Not lost its popularity blouses, richly decorated with cascades of frills and ruffles. They were modestly presented yet on podiums in the past year, but in 2019, this trend is in full force. Its ardent followers has become a big part of designers, among which we can highlight the Flow, Giorgio Armani, Lako Bukia, Pedro Lourenсo and Marcel Ostertag.

Цветные модные блузки весна-лето 2019 фотоЦветные модные блузки весна-лето 2019 фотоЦветные модные блузки весна-лето 2019 фото

Romantic blouse can be recommended to girls of any type are fragile fashionista will look at are real fairies, and ladies with magnificent forms of those shirts will help to divert attention from figure flaws. The only condition – a strict dosage of flounces. It is important to pick up a stylish new concise form-fitting bottom. The only exception to this rule – style hippie-chic. Only in it you can combine blouses, richly decorated with ruffles and flounces, flying Maxi skirt.

Fashion blouses with transparent fabric spring-summer 2019

The most explicit model, transparent blouses spring-summer 2019 presented in his collections, John Galliano, Prada and Cacharel. To surprise by its decision, has managed the British designer Matthew Williamson, who presented the model with a floral print on intimate places that can still be called «strategic.» Transparent things are not welcome in a business environment, they almost always look out of place. But the transparent blouse is still valid, although with some reservations.

Цветные модные блузки весна-лето 2019 фотоЦветные модные блузки весна-лето 2019 фото

For example, is not very decent to wear highly translucent objects, through which you can clearly see the bra, especially in a contrasting color. Better to wear a tank top or only the things with partial transparency. For example, you can wear a blouse with sheer sleeves, but the closed chest and back – this will give ease to the image, create the suspense, but all will be within the limits of decency. Another option is a combination of «sheer blouse + jacket». Transparent materials are back in fashion. Designers from around the world consider it their duty to submit to his collection transparent blouse and give advice on how to wear it, coming up with new combinations with it.

Fashion lace blouse spring-summer 2019

In 2019 important when drawing up the right and beautiful outfit plays not only special care but also the unique style which can provide the latest models of lace blouses, are very popular in this season. For example, today in favor of the product of the Lacy patterns of black and white colors that can add grace to any women’s appearance.

Цветные модные блузки весна-лето 2019 фото

Lately, become very popular of blouses and lace black color, which often choose to complement your beautiful images by both young girls and older women. Actually, that’s all, because that is what the product is able to add to attire the particular originality and make it more harmonious and attractive for absolutely prying eyes.

Цветные модные блузки весна-лето 2019 фото

Of course, many of the blacks, and even white, blouses made of lace cloth is a pretty interesting and original models. According to many stylists, even the classic version of this product may become more feminine and attractive, if you try to dilute it at least inserts of lace. By the way, in recent years, among such designers, rather, a harmonious decoration, you can see almost all the fashion runways.

Fashion blouses with zipper spring summer 2019

In the search for new expressive means designers sometimes use non-trivial methods of decoration, in particular the contrasting combination of light and airy fabrics and defiantly rough metal zippers. While the stylists are arguing about whether fashion blouses with zipper in the season spring-summer 2019, from two very reputable brand Escada and Fendi launched on the catwalk these are the models. Cropped to the waist blouses from corrugated translucent silk silver and bronze shades sleeveless with stand-up collar is decorated with metal zipper. Yet it is only a panel idea that, despite the controversial nature promises to become popular in the near future.

Цветные модные блузки весна-лето 2019 фото