Color Crush: Mint GreenI must be on a pastel kick lately, because the last few color crushes have been paler shades. Maybe it’s their calming nature, or the changing of the season, but I’m addicted! And for this month’s color crush, mint green takes the cake. Not only does it pair with some of my favorite colors, but it’s one that would be a classic in any home. It’s the the perfect mix of green with hints of blue and here’s why it’s you need it in your life ASAP:

Color: Mint Green

Color Crush: Mint GreenPair it With:  Mint green is such a versatile color because you can pair it with bolds like royal blue, emerald green or with pastels like lilac or millennial pink. Even thought it’s sweet and pastel for seasons like spring and Easter, don’t think that it can’t work in other seasons or areas of your life. Bright orange is an unexpected color pairing for it (as seen in the shower photo), but it just works. Mint green is also great green addition to all things winter and Christmas. Wood tones, brass, and white are all great home accents pairings.

Why it’s Crush-Worthy: I’ve been swapping out classic green for mint green lately and have loved the different mood it brings. It’s calming, but still bright and joyful. Plus, the best part is that you could use this color in just about any room in your house and it would work.

How to Bring it Home: Shades of blue and green mimic nature and tend to have a calming effect, which is why this color is a must to have in your home. Rugs, shower curtains, or kitchen cabinets are a great way to incorporate a large amount of the color without overwhelming a room. Dining chairs would also be a great way to add a bit of color, but still match your table (if it’s wood or white).

You can also shop for mint green items in my shop like this notebook or these washi circle stickers. You can also see it in the color wheel mouse pad!

Further Proof Mint Green is Great:

Color Crush: Mint Green[Source]

Color Crush: Mint Green[Source]

Color Crush: Mint Green[Source]Color Crush: Mint Green[Source]Color Crush: Mint Green[Source][Source]

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