A tequila blend with a refreshing hint of citrus.

Mezcal Negroni
Recipe by Dave Kaplan

– 1 oz Mezcal
– 1 oz Campari
– 1 oz sweet vermouth
– orange twist

1. Combine Mezcal, Campari, and sweet vermouth in an ice-filled glass; stir gently for 30 seconds.
2. Strain cocktail over an old fashioned rocks glass filled with fresh ice and garnish with an orange twist. 
3. For an added twist, rub the orange part of the rind around the rim of the glass to release the essential oils for an added citrus taste with every sip.

A no-frills cocktail from Grant Wheeler, beverage director of Dinnertable, a reverse speakeasy located inside The Garret’s East Village outpost.

The Boss

– 1 ounce Portobello Road Gin
– 1/2 ounce Salers Gentian Apertif
– 1/2 ounce Dimmi
-1 ounce Mancino Bianco Ambrato Vermouth

1. Add ingredients to a mixing glass, add ice, stir, and serve over ice in a rocks glass. No garnish.

From San Francisco hotspot, Leo’s Oyster Bar, comes a rum-citrus mix with a tropical twist. 

Island Girl Cocktail
Recipe by Casandra Salazar

– 1.5 oz Blackwell Rum
– ½ oz Giffard Bana
– ½ oz Lemon Juice
– ½ oz Spiced Simple
– .75 oz Orange Juice
– ½ oz Luxardo Cherry Morlacco
– 4 Dash Old Fashioned Bitters
– ½ oz Banana Puree

1. Pour the ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake well and strain into glass over fresh ice.
2. Garnish with a banana leaf and fresh flower. 

The classic St-Germain cocktail gets kicked up a notch with ginger and a colorful cherry garnish.

Elderflower Ginger Fizz

– 1 ½ ounces St-Germain
– 1 ounce ginger syrup (available at most specialty liquor stores)
– ½ ounce lemon juice
– 4 ounces Champagne or other sparkling wine
– 3 maraschino cherries

1. Pour the St-Germain into a flute.
2. Add the ginger syrup and lemon juice and stir to combine.
3. Top with the Champagne and garnish with the maraschino cherries.

A tea-based concoction that’s anything but low key. 

Hibiscus Mai Thai
*Adapted from With Food and Love 

– 1 cup of steeped hibiscus tea, cooled to room temperature (plain hibiscus juice works as well)
– 1 cup pineapple juice
– 4 ounces light rum
– 1 part lemon juice, freshly squeezed
– Ice
– Sprigs of thyme for garnish

1. Combine the hibiscus tea, pineapple juice, and rum in a shaker and mix.
2. In a chilled glass, pour the lemon juice over the ice, and add in the tea mixture.
3. Stir, garnish with the thyme, and serve.

An elegant blend with a vermouth base, for a laid-back evening with the girls. 

Grapefruit Martini
*Adapted from Bakers Royale

– 2 parts gin
– 1 part vermouth
– 2 parts grapefruit juice
– Ice
– Grapefruit slice and sprig of thyme for garnish

1. Shake all the ingredients and pour into a glass, garnish with the grapefruit slice and thyme.

Justin Pasha, owner of The Cup Bearer, whips up our very own signature drink.

The Domino Effect

– 1.5 oz vodka
– 3/4 oz fresh lime juice
– 1 oz raspberry tea
– 1/2 rose syrup

1. Combine all ingredients in shaker.
2. Shake vigorously and strain into rocks glass over new ice.
3. Garnish with sour cheery and lime wheel.
4. Mist cocktail with rose water.