This is a sponsored post on behalf of bObisweep. 

The bObisweep bobi Pet is a total game changer  when helping out with our busy home. We call her “B Bop” as my little guy named it. I have busy life, most of the time I’m super busy with my blog, kids school, housework and to-do projects. I hate seeing my house messy and cleaning often takes a good chunk of my day. 

Then our bObi Pet happened. This smart little robotic vacuum is just what I needed! I truly love that our bObi Pet can vacuum, sweep, mop, filters, and disinfect the floor — all at the same! She even charges her own battery on her own when her energy is low, so you don’t have to lift a finger or move her to her charging station. You can also schedule her to clean up at your own time. Our bObi Pet is truly a big help for a busy mom like me!

bObi Pet has three settings. In the GO! Setting, she covers a wide area and eliminate every trace of pet hair, dander, and debris in your home. All of bObi’s cleaning patterns activate in this mode. In WAFFLE mode she targets a fresh spill. In JUICE mode bObi Pet finds her charging station and plugs in to refuel battery on her own when her energy level hits 15%.

bObi Pet tackles five chores I really hate doing: vacuum, sweep, mop, UV uterilize, and filter air. Now I have this new little robotic device to help me with housework and use the time to be with my family and tackle on projects. 

bObi Pet moves with easy and glides so easily below furniture. She is very petite but oh so powerful! bObi Pet has a heavy-duty side brush, contains over 80 sensors that detect layers of dust, dirt, and grime invisible even to the naked eye and moves smoothly when she confronts obstacles like it’s the Olympics.


I love our newest member of the family, specially my little ones who think it is just the coolest robot ever. They love watching her clean and roam around the house. They even love putting sttffed animals on top of B Bop while she moves around.

Every morning after I drop off my kiddo to school, bObi Pet comes to life and helps me clean the house. Now I’m thinking that bObi Pet all it needs is a built in Bluetooth where I can play my songs from my phone! Am I right? 

To get your own bObsweep, head over to They ship nationwide!

Don’t stress, for tips on how to best utilize your bObsweep, follow them on Twitter @mybObsweep and Instagram (@bObsweep). They’ve also got some funny photos and videos of the bObsweep in action. Check them out using #bobsweep. 

This is a sponsored post on behalf of bObiSweep. All opinions and content is my own.