Do you believe that each type of fabric out there comes to its own when worn in a particular way? For instance, denim is a great fabric, it is soft, it is thick and it ensures that your skin breathes but it is not for formal look and but comes into its own as great casual wear. Or silk or lace that can make a simple outfit cut in a modest way look elegant and classy even though you have not done much else to make it seem that way. In this article, we will be talking about jacquard dresses, which have a certain cachet to them. Jacquard is a fabric that has design on it but this design is added to the fabric not by means of printing or dyeing but it is actually woven into it. Which means the design is an integral part of the cloth. While we cannot really compare it to breathable summer fabrics to keep you unheated, we are sure that it has many uses that are special.





The jacquard cloth or fabric can be a bit on the thicker side given that the design is woven into it and it has a certain amount of texture to it. That is why if you are contemplating a voluminous style like beautiful and bewitching bell sleeve dresses unless your intention is to add some extra volume or curves to the wearer. Jacquard has a heavy but elegant feel to it and can be great for creating dresses with simple patterns where the amount of details are sparse and not too fussy. Though pretty and perfect printed silk dresses and dresses made of jacquard fabric are both considered elegant and pretty and suited for party or formal wear, they cannot be more different in their essential feel.





The jacquard fabric is the kind that is very hardy in spite of the lovely and high class it has which would lead you to believe that it is delicate, but it is not. Since the design is woven into the fabric itself, it lasts long and can surprisingly be used a lot. If you are wondering what kind of garments that you could get made of jacquard fabric, here are some ideas:





A simple short and non-fussy dress: Since we have already established that jacquard is thick and bulky but also has a stretchy quality, it is best used for spare and simple designs. The best part is that such dresses look dressy even without the addition of too many fussy details.





Skirts of different lengths: You can get a skirt done of this material since it is thick all the while ensuring that you do not make it too bulky with too many pleats. And if you must have pleats, they must be the kind that fall down straight rather than flaring out as this can make the lower half of your body look bulkier. The best part about skirts made of such material in most instances, is that you will not need to wear a bulky slip underneath.





A simple jacket or cover up: Given the texture and look of the jacquard fabric, it is a very good idea to have it made into short jackets or as a simple cover up to flung on top of a simple dress to add a dressy touch. This could work very well in weather, which is not too cold but still warrants some kind of cover on your dress.





As usual, we also leave you with some images of all the possibilities with the jacquard fabric; do let us know what you think about it.

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