I am in love with all the pretty patterns and vibrant colours in today’s project.  Who knew that making envelope liners in whatever pattern you wanted was so easy? Well, it is! 

To make envelope liners, you’ll need a bunch of lightweight or medium weight scrapbook paper (for Christmas patterns available today, see the bottom of this post).  I always thought you had to fill the entire envelope, but it turns out that you don’t! Tip: this is only the case for non-see thru envelopes.  So make sure to use those to do this project!

EnvelopesScrapbook paper (larger than envelope size)PencilScissorsGlue stick

1.  Trace the outline of the envelope flap plus some to the back of the scrapbook paper with the pencil.  Cut out the shape.
2.  Take another centimetre off both ends following the same shape.
3.  Insert the paper into the envelope with the pattern side facing you and gently fold both over.
4.  Open the envelope and apply glue to the paper, then secure it to the flap.



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