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Subscription boxes are trending, and who can blame us? What’s not to love about getting a treat in the mail, whether that’s a monthly shipment of flowers or a weekly package of food (see you later, grocery shopping!). The only issue with subscription boxes is they can also contribute to the accumulation of stuff. When your box comes stocked with items you don’t really need, they often just end up taking space in your house.

That’s why pet subscription boxes, while super fun for your furry family member, can be a problem. Do pet owners who want to take a more minimal approach to their pet’s stuff have to skip the fun of a pet gift box? No! Thanks to the Autoship feature from Chewy, you can shower your pet with fun items on a regular basis while also ensuring both you and your four-legged friend will like what your box contains.

chewy autoship

Use our promo code (at the end of this article) to grab 30 percent off your first Autoship from Chewy. Image courtesy of Chewy.

How Autoship from Chewy works

So, let’s be clear, Chewy does not offer a subscription box. They do, however, offer a recurring shipment that’s tailored to your pet. After personally getting a sample box from them, I think that’s a good thing. My dog’s toy basket is now completely overflowing. I honestly can’t imagine keeping up with a monthly increase of toys, and that’s saying something because my pet is a Destroyer of Toys.

You can use Chewy’s Autoship feature to set up your own subscription, on your own schedule, with the items that are right for your pet. That could mean a monthly shipment of Fluffy’s favorite treats or a quarterly box with Spike’s favorite toy that he inevitably destroys every so often.

And, here’s the best part: you get 30 percent off your first Autoship, plus 5 to 10 percent off select products in all your future Autoships. You can change or cancel your Autoship at any time. So whether you want a monthly, quarterly or yearly present for your pet, Chewy’s got you covered.

chewy goody box 1

My box came with – count them – six(!) toys and three types of treats. Image provided by Kacie Goff.

My sample shipment from Chewy

I wanted to test this out. It’s one thing to go into a pet store and see a toy in person. It’s another to order it online. Would Chewy’s toys hold up? Would their treats entice my dog? It was time to find out.

My box from Chewy arrived on a rainy day. We’ve been having this uncharacteristically wet winter in Southern California and my dog — a dingo lookalike mutt named Babou — has been going nuts. Naturally, he’s driving me crazy right along with him. So when the box showed up on my doorstep, I tore into it. And, I swear, Babou must have known it was for him. He paced nervously around me as I pulled off the packing tape and started sorting through the goods. We received:



The puzzle toy, in particular, was a real treat for both Babou and me. With the rain keeping us both indoors, stuffing the box full of toys (it came with three small ones inside) and tucking a treat at the bottom was enough to keep us entertained while we waited out the steady drizzle.

chewy goody box 2

The prince patiently awaiting his new treasures. Image provided by Kacie Goff.

My review of Chewy’s products

Would I recommend ordering your dog’s favorites from Chewy? Abso-freaking-lutely. Every toy they shipped me is high quality. My dog has been thrilled with (and unable to destroy) each item. And as for the treats? They’re a slam dunk. The freeze-dried treats, in particular, are a fun new discovery. Babou is a finicky eater, but I’ve found that crumbling two of them on top of his food will have him polishing off dinner in record time.

Chewy has such a wide range of toys and treats that it’s easy to replicate an Autoship order with the things you’re already grabbing from the pet store on a regular basis. With the double bonus of getting a discount on your order and crossing an errand off your list for good, it’s definitely worth taking this unique approach to pet gift boxes for a spin.

Plus, Chewy has amazing customer service and an 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on every item in every order. You can rest easy knowing that you’re going to be happy with your order.

Want to get in on the action? We’ve got a Freshome promo that gets you 30 percent off your first Autoship order! Whether you’ve got Fido’s birthday coming up or Fiona just seems bored with her current hoard of cat toys, it’s worth checking out Chewy.

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