Ever wonder what life in a beehive is like? Designed by Wolfgang Buttress, this human-sized beehive is designed to give you a bee’s eye view. The interactive exhibit is visiting Kew Gardens through summer 2016.

Standing at nearly 56 feet tall and weighing over 40 tons, this piece first debuted as the centerpiece of the UK Pavilion at the 2015 Milan Expo. One purpose was to educate on the importance of honeybees in our daily life; it is both an art installation and an active exhibit.


Thousands of pieces of aluminum are threaded together and catch the sun; they are intertwined with hundreds of LED lights. The whole structure hums and buzzes. The beehive is connected to a real beehive, and all of the sensory activities are a real-time response to the activity of the beehive.

Visitors are encouraged to really get into a bee mindset.  Vibration sticks allow you to feel different levels of vibration within the hive, mimicking the way bees communicate with each other.

There are many tours and activities available throughout the summer. A full schedule can be viewed on the Kew Gardens website.





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