I love how much style and character this Swedish home has. The lower level has these muted green painted floors, which combined so nicely with the white fluffy area rug in the living room and the light wooden fronts of the kitchen. All these different textures and materials make the palette of this home interesting and personal.

The dining room has a beautiful vintage cupboard against the wall, which has been painted white, matching the white dining table and contrasting with the black Flos pendant lights and a mixture of different black dining chairs.

In the living room the soft green of the floor is combined with the white rug, a white linen sofa cover* and fresh green plants for a more vibrant look and feel. 

The bedroom underneath the rooftop has been decorated with a mixture of beige and warm tints. I love the way the bed is made with the white linen bedskirt*,  beige linen duvet cover* and those chequered pillow cases* for a soft yet interesting look matched by the art prints on the wall.

via Stadshem

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