I think the power of an interior is usually in the details. Even though I think minimalist interiors can work for some people and I love the clutter-free lifestyle, for me it can be a little bit more. I think interior accessories and details can make a home feel cozy and personal. In my opinion, pieces of furniture have to be neutral and well-considered, but you can really change up an interior from time to time with the smaller pieces. It’s not such a big investment to change out a small interior accessory either. As you can see, I’m a big fan of accessorizing.

This beautiful Swedish apartment has so many beautiful details in the interior and I love the open plan kitchen that is connected to the living room.  The kitchen has been placed in the corner, opposed to the windows, and fits a large dining table in the middle. The kitchen itself is Ikea Bodbyn I believe, with a marble countertop. I like the glass bulb lamps* above the dining table and the way they match the wall lights above the kitchen countertop.

From the kitchen, you walk straight into the living room, which is decorated in a very cozy way. I love the combination of the rattan seat and the armchair with the sofa and the way the TV has been integrated into a gallery wall. The guest bedroom with a small home office is located right next to the living room. The vintage desk works so nicely with the big Monstera plant and the pink linen duvet cover*, darker pink pillows and the structured white rug underneath the bed add a delicate touch to the room.

The main bedroom really stands out because of the blue curtain going wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling adding a beautiful backdrop behind the bed. I love the way this blue color comes back in the built-in shelving as well.

via Entrance Makleri

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