We put a lot of work into our showers—from redesigning the whole bathroom to have the most enjoyable bathing experience to mastering shower organization to spending hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars on shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, and scrubs, there’s a lot that goes into making your daily shower a spa-like experience.

But you could be overlooking one super important thing: water quality. Tap water can have so much chlorine, iron, and dirt floating around in it, which can bring down not only the effectiveness of your products, but also the quality of your hair in general. The impurities within water can damage hair follicles and result in a dry, itchy scalp.

Even if you have the purest water, you should be concerned: Over time, your shower heads could be accumulating all sorts of unpleasantness, from bacteria to mold.

But you’re one little swap away from that bouncy, shiny hair you’ve been gunning for. A quick flip of a shower head and you are good to go. (It’s even an easy switch for those of us renting our apartments or houses—just keep that original shower head for if and when you move out.)

Here, we rounded up our very favorite shower heads, each accomplishing something equally different yet impressive.

Shower Clear, The Original Chrome Shower Head, $275

This one is interesting for so many reasons. First, it’s very, very easy to install. They’ve purposely designed it with that in mind. Second, it’s all about the design: It literally pops open to let the shower head dry naturally after each shower, so it never develops any mold or build up. Third, it has a gorgeous, clean (pun intended) design to instantly elevate your shower experience.

Feeling a bit questionable about needing a new shower head in the first place? Take the story of Shower Clear’s creator, Steve Sunshine: After researching his mother’s respiratory illness, he searched for the cause, and discovered her shower head was overrun with mold and bacteria. (Ugh, gross.) Worth taking a moment to unscrew your shower head if possible and just cleaning it, or changing it out for one that works double time.

Aroma Sense, Prestige Handheld Vitamin C Shower Head, $125

Okay, this shower head is really cool, and multi-tasking. It uses a specialized vitamin C filtration cartridge to neutralize chlorine, rust, dirt, and other contaminants from your unfiltered water system (and the vitamin C specifically promotes healthier hair and skin). If that doesn’t mean much to you, I bet water pressure does: It optimizes water pressure to be 1.5 times greater than traditional shower heads. And on just looks alone, the rose gold accents are just really pretty, too.

T3, Shower Head, $150

If you want your shower head to give you pretty hair, get it from the people who design solely for perfect hair: T3, known for their high-tech beauty tools like hair dryers and curling irons. But they also created a shower head that removes chlorine, dirt, sediment, rust, and odors from your water, which in turn, eliminates scalp buildup, frizz and fly aways.

The tech behind it is a “mineral mixture combining calcium sulfide, zinc, and copper to reduce free chlorine from your shower water,” says the brand. The process, known as redox, also helps to remove the gross rotten egg smell water can sometimes smell like, as well as other impurities, for a better and cleaner shower experience.

Culligan, Filtered Shower Head, $29.99

Coming in under $30, this one (from a brand that knows just a bit about water) is a no-brainer. Easy to install, removes 99 percent of chlorine in water, and installs easily without any tools. And it gives major spray options with five spray settings, from a full-body spray for maximum water coverage, to an invigorating pulse for a relaxing massage.

ThermaSol, Rainhead, price upon request

Okay, this one is on the aspirational side, but it’s so cool we had to include it. This sensory shower head experience delivers two rows of 82 jets with gradually changing colors for a shower that cleans not only with water, but also with light and sound. Known as chromatherapy, it’s the healing method that uses color and light to balance energy wherever the body is lacking. The underlying principle is that certain colors can affect your body and mood. (And it’s pretty, too!)

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