Celestial Inspired Wedding With Kitten Accents

Celestial Inspired Wedding With Kitten Accents

Noelle and Joe took their two favorite things—cats and outer space—and suggested that those two things should be their theme and it stuck! Because what better time than your wedding to embrace the things you love most?

The guys wanted to be together right before the wedding, so they sipped on some wine at Cellar Door Winery and arrived to cocktail hour, together. They greeted their guests and mingled for a bit, enjoying ‘Meowgartias,’ all before the ceremony began. And when it did, they walked hand-in-hand across the warehouse, through their guests who were snuggled up in cozy galactic lounges.

Fink Prints designed those galactic-inspired invitations with calligraphy, subtle yet striking ones. The wedding lounge backdrop was a crescent moon. Noelle was wearing a minimalist wedding gown with a sleek top and a daring neckline and a layered skirt and she completed her look with cute cat ears. The groom was rocking a classic tux look. After the vows were said, N and J welcomed their guests to visit two different food trucks to sample their favorite fare: pizza and tacos. Then, they got to cozy on up in gorgeous lounges! The florals By Emily B. created were sprinkled and spattered with gold spray paint and displayed with iridescent crystals and metal star décor—all along the long family-style table. Each place setting at the table included a place card featuring facts about cats, space, and even some about cats in space. Steal some details for your wedding, too!


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