Celebrating Our Guides: All You Need is Love

Celebrating Our Guides: All You Need is Love

This year, we capped our annual tour guide summit with a 1920s-themed dance. Europeans know exactly what an American “Roaring Twenties” party looks like, and our guides all dressed the part. From flappers to gangsters, we had a blast, as you’ll see in this video.

And, there’s a bonus at the end of the clip: a bit of “All You Need is Love” fun at a house party I held earlier in the week. (Because of licensing, I had to cut the music — but you’re encouraged to sing along!)

“All you need is love” really captures the wonderful esprit de corps our guides, staff, and I enjoy together at Rick Steves’ Europe Tours. And, coming together in a group hug to sing that timeless anthem seems perfectly in line with our mission. Despite the ugly headlines so many of us fixate on, our world is filled with joy, happiness, rich culture, and beautiful children of God. And, when we travel, we get to know our shared family, making it easier to appreciate and celebrate all that love.

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