Cave Apartment Tour in Matera, Italy

Come join us for a cave apartment tour in Matera, Italy as we showcase everything from the vantage points of the city to a full inside tour of the accommodations. How often do you get to stay overnight in a cave? While visiting Matera, Italy we had the opportunity to book an airbnb apartment inside of a historic cave and we jumped at the chance. The place has been thoughtfully decorated with all of the modern conveniences one would desire without losing its rustic charm. For $70 a night we thought it was a great deal because we looked at the property again and noticed it was sometimes going for as high as $90 TO $100 USD.

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Cave Apartment Tour in Matera, Italy Travel Video Transcript:

We are super excited for this apartment tour because this week we are living in a cave. What a dream. We are currently visiting Matera in Italy. This is the third oldest inhabited settlement in the whole world after Aleppo and Jericho and we’re staying in the Old Town where it is all stone dwellings so when we were looking for Airbnbs I was super adamant we’re going to stay in a cave finding one at a really good price because it is low season. This one was only $70 but if you go inside it is like very boutique style high end but also like super rustic and cozy. So we’re going to go in and we’re going to give you a tour of this place.

But now let’s go indoors because it is pretty chilly. It is late November so let’s give you the actual tour.

We are in. It is warm and toasty. I was actually kind of worried that it would be super cold in winter in one of these stone dwellings but you know they’ve got modern conveniences so it is actually been great.

First up if you look up we have these like rounded ceilings. They are almost like arched ceilings which kind of gives it that cozy cave-y type feeling. The floors are really cool. It is like a mix of brick and like these cool tiles and the color scheme is all very neutral. It is nice and beige which I like. We should begin with this space. We’re in the living area right now which is a little bit small but you know it works for two people with a nice little couch.

This is super Italian we’ve got this cool coffee maker. We had some trouble figuring out how it works this morning. Look at the size of it and look at all of the different choices you have right here. Like espresso, espresso lungo, espresso macchiato, cappuccino, mokaccino, latte macchiato.

Let’s continue over to the kitchen and again we actually went to the market this morning and got a whole bunch of fresh produce. Vegetables. We got an insane amount of produce for 5 Euros. I know. Like our bags were full. I’ve never bought mushrooms that look so white. Do you want to see them? Yeah, show them the mushrooms. So fresh. It is like they were look at the size of the peppers as well. We’re going to throw them into the pasta tonight.

We have like another little balcony in this room as well and then over here there is the bed.

The shower is amazing. It is one of those rainforest showers. Like tropical showers and they also have a little handheld thing. Again a really cool sink with like splattered blue paint. Bidet. It is quite spacious for a European bathroom.

To wrap it up let’s talk about your thoughts on this cool little cave-like apartment. It is just like this is one of the reasons why I like to stay in apartments versus hotels to get an experience like this.

And so far our initial thoughts of Matera is that it is an incredible city to explore on foot. It is the kind of place where you just want to get lost, go down back-alleys. Check out different viewpoints. It is just there is surprises around every corner. Yeah, it is an amazing place to wander around for sure. And in terms of the price to get $70 US dollars is a steal.

This is part of our Travel in Italy video series showcasing Italian food, Italian culture and Italian cuisine.

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