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This Accidental Wes Anderson Bathroom will guarentee Best Bathroom Selfies

View this post on Instagram Frieze by @marcantetesta: inspired by “entablatures” series by Roy Lichtenstein, the project is articulated through different levels of signs, materials and colours where the washbasin stars as central element of the bath-room to organize the accessory elements. #design #designer #architect #interiordesign #inspiration #paris #fair #designlovers #savethedate #ext_design #iconicbathroom #bathroomstyle #bathroomofinstagram […]

10 times when Matteo Stucchi Created a World Out of Dessert

“Don’t play with your FOOD!” We have often been yelled at when we were little. Especially when we were feeling a bit creative with whatever is on our plate, imagining your mash potato was a piece of Sahara desert or your little pile of mash pea was a miniature mountain scape. Finally, someone is reenacting […]

The Connection of Art and Life – Agape by Rolland Cheung

What are you doing in your early twenties? Getting out of college? Settling in a stable career path? Things were a little different for Rolland Cheung – The founder and artist of Agape Resin Art. The young artist has poured his heart into the love of art and life, created his own brand out of […]

Nordahl Konings – The Nordic Approach to Perceptions of Time

Scandinavian Style has always been sought after in the design market, from Poul Henningsen with his Artichoke Lamp to Arne Jacobsen’s Egg Chair. Such a clutterless yet structurally pleasing silhouette has been capturing the hearts of home decor and interior design fanatics. We are so glad to invite Christopher Konings – founder and designer of […]

The Botanical Symphony of Nature and Space- Loose Leaf Studio

When we talk about botanical landscaping and architecture, we think about how plants can complement the space, bringing a sense of freshness into a room, as a form of home decor. However, in Loose Leaf Studios, the artists have innovatively introduced a new form of landscape art into our lives. Loose Leaf Studio was founded […]

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