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Easy Mermaid Waves

The post Easy Mermaid Waves appeared first on MISSY SUE. ©

5 Winter Styling Tips

5 Winter Styling Tips The post 5 Winter Styling Tips appeared first on MISSY SUE. ©

Half Up Dutch Braid Twists

Half Up Dutch Braid Twists The post Half Up Dutch Braid Twists appeared first on MISSY SUE. ©

3 Easy Low Buns

The post 3 Easy Low Buns appeared first on MISSY SUE. ©

Half Up Waterfall Twists

The post Half Up Waterfall Twists appeared first on MISSY SUE. ©

3 Easy Bun Styles

The post 3 Easy Bun Styles appeared first on MISSY SUE. ©

Half Up Lace Braid

Half Up Lace Braid Supplies: Rattail comb Bobby pins Hairspray Half Up Lace Braid Instructions: I started off by pinning the crown section. I divided off a small section from the crown of my head, at the center back, and I twisted it and pinned it at the back of my head. Then I divided […]

3 Easy Updo Hairstyles

3 Easy Updo Hairstyles Supplies: Paddle brush Elastic bands Hair band Bobby pins Hairspray High Bun Instructions: For the first style, I’m going to brush all of my hair into a high ponytail and tie it off with a hair band. Now I’m going to gather the ponytail and starting from the bottom of the […]

Triple Braided Double Bun

Supplies: Rattail comb Bobby pin Elastic bands Hairspray Instructions: With my hair brushed straight back, I’m going to pick up a section of hair at my hairline above my forehead and divide it into three sections for the braid. I’m going to cross the right strand over the middle and then the left strand to […]

3 Unique Half Up Hairstyles

Supplies: Rat tail comb Elastic bands Bobby pins Hairspray Curling iron Hairstyle #1: For the first hairstyle, I’m going to start by dividing off the top section of hair, keeping some hair down on the sides to cover my ears and I’m just going to tie this off using an elastic band. Now I’m going […]

French Braid Side Bun

A follower from instagram recently requested a tutorial for this hairstyle. This is a fun look for a special event but you could also do a messy bun and wear it as an everyday style! Let me know where you’d wear it down below in the comments! xo French Braid Side Bun Supplies: Rattail comb […]

3 Easy Holiday Hairstyles

3 Easy Holiday Hairstyles Supplies: Le Cinq 5-piece curling wand set Rival Heat Shield Siena Paddle Brush In today’s video I’m excited to be sharing three, easy holiday hairstyles. I am also partnering with L’Ange to show you how I prep my hair for these styles. New Years Eve is coming up and these would […]

Easy, Holiday Makeup

Sharing an easy, holiday makeup look I’ll be wearing on repeat this season. Using a full face of products I picked up from Walmart. Thank you so much for watching! xoxo, Missy Products: Lumi Glotion Facial Moisturizer Eyebrow Pencil, Taupe Eye Shadow Palette, Warm Neutrals Concealer, Porcelain Eyeliner, 210 Espresso Mascara False Lashes Foundation, 101.5, […]

Answering your Pregnancy Questions: Baby 2

I am currently 31 weeks pregnant and have been getting so many questions on my instagram that I thought I’d sit down and film a little pregnancy Q&A! Thank you to everyone who submitted a question for today’s video and I hope you find it helpful! xo, Missy The post Answering your Pregnancy Questions: Baby […]

Forever 21 Sleepwear Haul

I’m excited to be sharing a fashion haul for today’s video! I’ve never filmed one of these before but so many of you requested one when I asked for video suggestions on Instagram. I thought it’d be fun to branch out and try something new so I hope you enjoy this. Let me know what […]

Italy Travel Diary: Amalfi Coast

A trip to the Amalfi coast has been on my bucket list for years! We made this trip last Fall and I was finally able to put together this quick travel diary. We spent a week on the Amalfi coast and three days in Rome. It was an amazing trip and I can’t wait to […]

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