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16 iconic K-pop hairstyles by Blackpink

  Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re already familiar with the name Blackpink. The K-pop group has taken over the music world, drawing fans across the globe with their catchy tunes and world-class style. Jennie, Lisa, Rosé and Jisoo make up the girl group and all bring their own flare to the stage, […]

TikTok hair routines we can’t stop watching

While TikTok is known for funny videos and viral dance routines, the social media platform is also a treasure trove for hair care tips. Whether you are looking for genius styling ideas or want to update your hair routine, there are plenty of game-changing hair trends and hacks worth checking out. The hashtag #hairroutine already […]

Thinking of chemically relaxing your hair? Here are a few tips to get started

The natural hair movement has empowered so many black women to embrace their natural hair. While it’s amazing to see more women rocking their natural ‘fros and protective hairstyles, it’s left some people feeling ashamed about the choice to relax their hair. Choosing to relax your hair is 100% your choice and you shouldn’t feel […]

Why the French Bob haircut makes us say oui!

What is it about French style that we just can’t get enough of?  From model Kaia Gerber to Anya Taylor-Joy’s character, Beth Harmon in The Queen’s Gambit, the bob haircut–specifically, the French bob haircut has taken over 2020 and for this we say merci to our French femmes. The crisp edges accompanied by bangs is […]

25 ways to rock a claw clip

Looking back, the 90’s feel like the golden era for beauty and fashion trends. While we are happy to leave some trends in the past, like micro brows and frosted tips, we welcome others with pure joy and excitement. A statement hair clip takes a simple hairstyle to the next level, dramatic face framing highlights […]

23 short haircuts for curly hair

Curls and short cuts go together like pumpkin and spice, Netflix and chill, hoodies and leggings—you get the picture. Curls give short hair life. Thanks to its natural volume, curls can be styled in so many ways. From bobs to buzz cuts, and pixie to shaggy styles, curls give short haircuts so much versatility. Short […]

A beginner’s guide to edges

For many women of color, no hair look is complete without reaching for gel or edge control to get their baby hairs swooshed, sleek and slayed. Popularized in the 90’s by the likes of celebrities such as Chilli from TLC and LaToya Jackson, baby hairs or edges are experiencing a full on resurgence in the […]

9 hairstyles for every holiday mood

Life is all about balance. Sweatpants on the bottom and great hair on top, a healthy meal and a sweet treat after, or a sweaty home workout sesh followed by a lazy day, it’s all about finding the right balance to help maintain a sense of normalcy this holiday season. That goes for holiday looks […]

25 scrunchie hairstyles for the modern 90’s girl

Websites, magazines, trends lists – they all say the scrunchie is back, but did it ever leave?  Walking down the runway at several fashion weeks, being featured in couture photo shoots, being worn by models, influencers and even actors like Jason Momoa, the scrunchie’s revival in today’s trend-obsessed world has made a mark.  [instagram id=”CGGmQ6shhuc“] […]

Going grey: no longer taboo

If you have ever watched sitcoms from the 1950’s, you have likely noticed how different women over 40 looked from their modern counterparts. Yes, these women wore dresses to do housework and seemed to perpetually don an apron, but the thing that truly set them apart was their grey or greying hair. Nora Ephron explains […]

Protective hairstyles: 25 braids, twists, and locs we love

The natural hair movement has taken off, and Black women have never felt more empowered to wear their natural texture. However, for a lot of people with natural hair, learning how to take care of it, grow it, and style it is a challenge. Looking for a style that makes you feel fabulous without damaging […]

Blonde Halloween Costumes Ideas

Whether you rock a natural blonde hue in your hair or want to sport one this year with your halloween costume, we’re here to hook you up with the best ideas! While he internet is filled with plenty of ideas for halloween costumes for blondes, but we’ve curated a list of our top favorites so […]

10 hair hacks we learned on social media (that actually worked)

Social media has been our long time BFF now—giving us the funniest of memes, cutest baby animal videos, some gorgeous hair inspo and so much more. But one of our most treasured features about the world of social media is the plethora of hair hacks available. Whether it’s celebrity-inspired, an age-old homegrown recipe or hair […]

How often do you really need a hair cut?

Are you still able to style your hair the way you want? Noticing more frizz or breakage? Are your ends split beyond repair?  If you answered “yes” to any of the above, it is time for a hair cut. How often you should cut your hair comes down to damage and the health of your hair. […]

New trend alert: face framing highlights

SOS there’s a new hair color trend on the block and it’s making us feel some serious nostalgia for Nokia flip phones and clunky Doc Martens. The trend in question is none other than the 90’s highlight, a hairstyle originally made popular by icons like the Spice Girls and Olsen twins. In contrast to softer […]

What you need to know about the history of braids

Just like in fashion, beauty trends go through cycles of popularity. What’s new to the current generation is old news to its predecessors. Lately, braids have seen a major resurgence in mainstream beauty, mostly from the widely accepted natural hair movement, and reimagined looks on our favorite celebrities and influencers. How do braided hairstyles consistently […]

25 Black-owned hair product brands to support

The social and racial unrest across America has awakened action in people around the world. As many share their support online and offline plenty of work still needs to be done. Part of this action is supporting black-owned businesses, learning about the brands and their founders and understanding what makes their brands unique. As allies […]

WIN Hair For Days!

We’re giving away 10 Luxies to 10 lucky winners! All you have to do to be entered is shop the sale. When you order between now and Tuesday, July 20th, you’ll be entered to win a FREE Luxy Hair set of your choice. Hair for days.. because you’re a 10, every day. Work day, holiday, Sunday. […]

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