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Sewing PSA: Download Your Files

The news has been all over the sewing community, but I thought I’d just add a quick note since so many people come here for the Burda posts. It seems that the US Burda site is being re-configured, and that all of your account data, should you have any, will be going away. This includes […]

Post Postponement

I just wanted to post a quick note to my dedicated blog readers who are probably hoping for upcoming posts about the new McCall’s patterns, the new MyImage Magazine, and the August Burda, not to mention my June Sew Your Kibbe update. Sadly, I have to admit that I won’t have time to get these […]

BurdaStyle US Distribution: Updated Update to the Update

I first wrote about the close of GLP News here, and posted an update here; but this past week Roltek/Sunrise News has sent out the June Burda issues that had apparently been transferred from the old GLP subscriptions. This is great news! It means nobody missed out on the June issue, and that normal services […]

BurdaStyle Magazine Distribution Update

At the beginning of the month I wrote about the demise of GLP News and posted about several options for the Burda desperate to check out if a lapse in the subscription service was simply not optional. It’s been a bit less than a month, yet I felt that an update was warranted. First, I’d […]

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