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Share Your Chemo Hat Project and WIN £100/$100!

LoveCrochet | In honor of World Cancer Day we’re running a special HotTag competition from February 3th-28th celebrating crocheted chemo hats and the stories behind them! Enter for the chance to WIN £100/$100 worth of yarn! For those experiencing chemotherapy, hair loss can be a challenging experience. Chemo hats are a wonderful way to crochet […]

Bet You Can’t Get All 10 of These Correct!

LoveCrochet | How much do you know about the craft of crocheting? Can you get all of these questions correct? Check out if you really are a crochet pro with our quiz! Results! 1-3 Points. Well, there’s always room for improvement! But don’t worry – read all about crochet on our blog or site and […]

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