Casual Same Sex Hawaii Wedding On A Boat

Kaitlyn and JoAnna knew a few things while planning their wedding: they wanted the wedding to be lovely but causal, and they wanted to celebrate their love with kisses and cocktails alongside their closest friends and family. When tasked with planning such an event, they easily settled on a location: a boat in the Pacific Ocean. Because when you live in Hawaii… why not?

With a planned budget of $10,000 (and an actual budget of approximately $15,000), the pair planned their wedding down to the teeth—while simultaneously planning a three-week honeymoon in New Zealand. One money-saving trick? Use what you have. Kaitlyn and JoAnna used their resources (a boat that barely needed any decor) and Kate’s DIY know-how (she made small mason jar centerpieces and wooden signage for the after party). The boat was spruced up with a few strings of faux flowers.

The brides chose different gowns for the wedding: one was rocking a strapless mermaid wedding dress with a ruffled skirt, and the second prefered a thick strap wedding dress with a keyhole back. They both wore relaxed accessories of different shades to highlight that it’s a casual affair.

Choosing to keep the guest list small by not inviting second cousins and great aunts was a key detail in saving money and only having the people closest to the couple at the ceremony. There was no wedding planner, when it was time to decorate the boat, set up the after party, and bake cookies (and so on), willing members of the guest list helped with the details.

At the end of the day, the wedding was exactly what they wanted: a close time with family and friends, and hours of celebrating the two of them.

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