A holiday home of great size, but at the same time seeks to adapt its scale to those who use it. The proposal is based on dividing the program into two, as if it were two autonomous houses. This allows not only to condition the use according to your requirement, but also to feel an intense use of each environment. The “lower” house has a more intimate relationship with the terrain and the nearby views, while the “superior”, in contrast, seeks a more intense relationship with the distant views of the lake, the mountains and the steep slope. The layout of the whole house is linear, leaving all its rooms towards an optimal orientation, being only the main gallery, meeting point of the house, the environment that seeks to focus its disposition with the colored hill. The inculpation of the vacuum through patios not only allows a better illumination and ventilation of the environments but also emphasizes its linear character, generating a more precise scale with its imposing context. The materials used are low maintenance and respond to structural and project logics that balance their presence with their environment.

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