Casa F located in Franciacorta, Brescia, Italy, is a modern single family house designed in 2020 by Marco Carini.


There is no inside, there is no outside when you immerse yourself in nature. The idea of ​​a house almost completely glazed came spontaneously, not as soon as I visited the place, a wood with centuries-old trees, in the heart of the Franciacorta.

The only place where there were no plants seemed perfect to us, predestined for build a natural villa, which could grow like a tree. Local rules imposed a classic aesthetic on us, and in the end, dialogue with the authorities and institutions, has allowed us to express an aesthetic closer to that Flemish, thanks to large windows similar to those of the old greenhouses, and to one structure that shows itself only through the vertical and horizontal basting. The permeability, the transparency, allow us from any point to experience the forest.

A patio in the center allows you to receive zenith light, which spreads both in living area, at ground level, and in the sleeping area, upstairs.

In the basement, we have chosen to include a relaxation, wellness and fitness area, as if there were roots in the ground. The furnishings are light, transparent, or made from natural materials. They are vibrant, beautiful to live, to touch, synergistic and with great affinity with
nature that surrounds them.

Photography by Fausto Mazza Studio

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