Caspaiou carefully selected unique and distinguished items from high-end brands to assemble a beautiful collection of furniture, lighting and accessories.

Our philosophy is to create a minimalistic, earthy and understated atmosphere of luxury, rather than follow easy trends. As a contemporary interior design studio, we deliver distinguished concepts that are modern yet timeless in their appeal.

Our team is led by a family of designers spanning two generations dedicated to their craft and committed to providing an impeccable design experience.

Located on Sheikh Zayed Road, our showroom effectively showcases the Caspaiou atmosphere with a range of quality brands. Featuring luxury European furniture, unique accessories, high-end lighting and art pieces, our showroom provides a glimpse of our design ethos and style.

European masters of luxury interior design it’s how we are looking at ourselves.

Establishing the mood; that is where each interior design starts. First, a thorough research into the wishes of the client is initiated through a meeting at the Caspaiou showroom, a site visit and a first selection of items, fabrics and colors. During the next meetings the proposal will be fine tuned, various lay out alternatives will be discussed, changes will be implemented and a quotation will be submitted.




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