Can You STRAIGHTEN Your Hair with LITTLE to NO Heat? | FAB or FAIL

Are y’all ready for another#FabOrFail? Can you straighten your hair using little to no heat? This week, I’ll review the RevAir Reverse Air Dryer to see if it’s worth the hype, and the $399.99 price tag! What do y’all think, would you try this? ?

The RevAir claims to use from zero to about HALF the amount of heat that a normal blow dryer uses, which immediately intrigues me since heat can be very damaging to the hair. Essentially, you place a section of your hair in the long wand, and it uses air flow to suck your hair downward, claiming to dry and straighten your hair at the exact same time. Sign me up, right?

There are 2 main settings to pay attention to while using this dryer: The tension level, and the heat level. There is a dial (0-7) indicating how much tension is pulling on the hair, as well as an option for low, or high heat.

On my hair, it definitely did get it dry and straightened out a lot of the natural curl in my hair. It didn’t leave my hair as stick straight as I generally like it, so I ultimately would still have to run a straightening iron through my hair for my desired look.

Brooklyn actually ended up LOVING the results on her hair! She has some natural curl and wave to her hair, and when she blow dries it, it tends to get pretty frizzy. The RevAir did a GREAT job of leaving her hair super straight and smooth. It honestly looked great!! ?

Sana has very thick hair, it’s pretty straight but does tend to get frizzy from time to time. It worked well on her hair as far as getting it pretty straight and smooth, however, her hair is VERY long and her ends were a little dry, which lead to a little more tangling on her!

Lastly, I tried it on Paisley’s hair, and I have to say I was very pleased with the result on her hair texture! It look A LOT less time than using a normal blow dryer. It also involved less pulling and tugging, and got her hair pretty straight, which would be a great starting point for any of the more protective styles that we do on Pais! ?

Final review… I’m conflicted with this one, but I’m giving the RevAir a ??and a ??. Yes, it definitely dries the hair, straightens the hair, and smooths the hair. However, it is VERY bulky, hard to store, would be an absolute nightmare to travel with (due to size), and it’s a whopping $399.99! It’s cool and it works, but there are just one too many things about it that I DON’T love precepting a solid thumbs up.

What do you think? Would you try this RevAir hair straightener?? Comment below!

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Check out the RevAir HERE:

?’s -Mindy

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