The latest fall releases from Butterick are here, and they are so good! Let’s dive in:

B6702 – I don’t know why I like this button front shirt dress so much, but perhaps it is because of the classic collar and cuff details and the nice clean seam lines.

B6703 – I really like the options for this wrap dress. The sleeves offer a nice mix of traditional and trendy styles, and the slight gathers at the wrap are a nice detail. I also really like the skirt options, and the waist seam for better fit. It’s super classy and super cute!

B6704 – This dress has a really interesting neck detail. It has such pretty draping and a nice mix of sleeve and skirt options as well.

B6705 – Another pretty fall dress option! I really like the proportions of the ruffles on this dress. Nothing crazy or wild, but still lots of nice little details with the neckline, sleeve, and hem variations.

B6706 – This is a great option if you like a bit more structure to your clothes. It’s got a hint of a vintage vibe, but doesn’t feel dated.

B6707 – This dress has some fun potential for color blocking. I also really love the asymmetric collar detail.

B6708 – Lisette. This dress has some fun seam lines, and some great possibilities for color or print blocking. The shape of the neckline is also a really great detail.

B6709 – This is an interesting shirt pattern. Based on the line drawings I would have completely passed it by, but I do really love the way it looks on the model.

B6710 – I think the neckline treatment is such a unique detail on this top. And it looks so great styled with those trousers too!

B6711 – This is probably the least exciting pattern in the release. I mean, aside from the boat neck being something of a different variation, I’m pretty sure we’ve already seen all of the giant sleeve top pattern that could possibly exist at this point.

B6712 – More draping features on this top. This is another one that I think looks better on the model than in the line drawing.

B6713 – Cute! I’m all about these twisty neckline patterns. They are such interesting and pretty details. I also really love the shaped hems on these tops as well.

B6714 – Ok, this top maybe took the ruffle thing one step too far, but at least it isn’t boring!

B6715 – Love these pants! I’m always a sucker for a pocket button detail, and these do not disappoint. I also really love how shaped they are at the waist and how clean the leg lines are.

B6716 – Interesting jumpsuit pattern. The mixing of fabrics to get a top/bottom look is an interesting idea, and works much better with this jumpsuit pattern than it might with some of the other styles on the market.

B6717 – Love this! It’s like a waterfall cardigan trench coat hybrid thing and I need it! I’d also totally wear those pants.

B6718 – Lifestyle Wardrobe. This looks like a great wardrobe pattern. All of the pieces look great mix-n-matched, but they would also look great with things that might already be in a wardrobe, like jeans or other blazers or tops.

B6719 – Katherine Tilton. This jacket pattern has some very interesting details. The extra long button placket is really unique and the other seam lines add a lot of subtle interest.

B6720 – Another fab coat! I really love the shape of the collar, and those pockets! The cuff details are also great. I might need one of these in my winter wardrobe. I mean, ok, so maybe I don’t need a bunch of winter coats, but I would really love this one!

B6721 – Connie Crawford. This jacket also has lots of interesting vertical seaming details. I was originally not too interested in the pattern, but I think it is the sort of thing my mom might want to wear, so maybe I’ll keep it up for consideration. I do like the slightly asymmetric button placement.

And that’s it! I feel like I’ve been so bored by Butterick for a while now, but they’ve really been on a roll this year. There are so many things in this collection that I really like. And while I’ve convinced myself that I definitely don’t need all of them, I think I’ll be adding a lot more than normal to my collection from this release. What do you all think? Did you see anything here that is a must have for the fall? Or is it all just a bit too formal and a bit too like other patterns for you to be excited? Feel free to discuss it all in the comments!


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