Бордовый цвет в одежде: учимся правильно использоватьMany people underestimate Burgundy color, avoiding its occurrences in his way, but Burgundy is the color of expensive French wine, noble roses and ripe cherries. So many people simply can’t resist tempting opportunity to wear maroon clothes.

Experts say that the Bordeaux color indicates such human traits as confidence and reliability. Psychologists assert that Burgundy color are conservative, energetic and enterprising people.

As psychologists advise to use the image of the Burgundy color sparingly, because in large quantities it can cause hostility and put pressure on the psyche of the people that are close. To avoid this, you need to skillfully blend in Burgundy color with other shades.

Would be interested to know that the Burgundy color is not included in the main palette: it is obtained by combining red and brown colors from these colors he adopted most of its qualities: vigor, toughness, determination, and stability and reliability.

What color will come to Burgundy?

Бордовый цвет в одежде: учимся правильно использовать

    • The orange color will bring in a strict way with a predominance of brown joyful, fun and optimistic music; yellow – bright and cheerful, he will be able to retain heat in the image with red color. Apply this combination can self-confident people, who are not afraid of attracting attention to his person;

The color purple

    it has been said that red is the color, which was the «parent» of Burgundy, together with brown, so violet go well with the Burgundy it on a red background; beige color is neutral, calm violent nature Burgundy color will add originality and refinement to your whole look; the color green, but not acidic shade, and noble green: this combination can make very striking and stylish outfit; the blue color is practical, especially everyday denim goes well with the nobility of Burgundy. This image will be suitable for every day or for walking; the soft pink color can give a lightness and elegance simply Burgundy color. The combination of these colors can be the most profitable if you use a different texture materials. For example, the delicate pink silk and Burgundy velvet in the Union would be irresistible; gold color, maroon, a good match for the publication. For example, elegant and attractive will look pant maroon sleeves, diluted with ornaments of gold color accessories or elements of the costume; silver color in tandem with the Burgundy, will help to create a calm and elegant composition; and Burgundy will feel perfectly combined with leopard print, peach, red and white.

Tips for programming

Burgundy color dare to wear a few, not knowing how to create a successful image. We will offer you some tips to create the image in Burgundy color. But first, the General rules for selection and combination of colors in the image.

Material. Burgundy is a very noble, notable, his «calling card» is the quality of the material, it should be high, because the fake is very easy to spot, so it’s best not to risk it and just choose a particular item of clothing in quality material. Make-up and hairstyle. By itself, bright color, Burgundy rejects flashy makeup, it can be deleted from the image, giving preference to natural makeup (nude). But the overall tone of the image may emphasize berry or wine shades of lipstick or lip gloss, and eyes too expressive not to do better, otherwise stick to natural makeup. Hairstyle is better to do a short, smooth shiny hair, but playful curls will also be relevant. Accessories. If you like the Burgundy color but you are afraid to use it in creating the image, it is possible to make with the help of accessories: handbag color Burgundy will be a wonderful addition image.

Try to create a few images with the participation of Burgundy:
Бордовый цвет в одежде: учимся правильно использоватьClassic look, where the bottom black and the top is Burgundy. It can be a stylish pencil skirt in black and Burgundy blouse or simple black pants and a black shirt. This way is well suited either black or Burgundy shoes with a heel. Such combinations are great options for business, office style. The combination of black and maroon would be a good solution for the selection of evening attire
Бордовый цвет в одежде: учимся правильно использоватьThe casual style can be created using Burgundy skinny jeans, which successfully can be combined with so popular today switchtime convenient, and usual pullovers and sweaters. As shoes can choose shoes, boots or loafers in basic colours or bright alternative.
Бордовый цвет в одежде: учимся правильно использоватьA monochrome image. You can create a stylish look, blending in together with the other Bordeaux red shades: similar colors and shades combined in a single image, today fashion. «At hand» and that Burgundy goes well with pink, red and scarlet. Just remember that light shades will refresh the image, highlight it, and dark, on the contrary, mute. But too many monochromatic shades in the same way, too, should not be used: three will suffice in order to comply with the measure.

[note]the image is a muted base color combined with red and Burgundy.[/note]

If you would like to add a pair of maroon-pink base shade, you can choose gray or black. This «fashion formula» will help to create lots of stylish options: for example, Burgundy pants, white shirt, pink sweater plus a gray trench coat with elegant boats.
Бордовый цвет в одежде: учимся правильно использоватьContrast. Here impressive look maroon and green are two opposite colors look advantageous. Remember the now fashionable khaki or military style: you can combine Burgundy and khaki, you may have this image: grey skinny jeans, Burgundy tank top, cardigan or jacket khaki, to add to the image of rough shoes, and a fashionable look is guaranteed.
Бордовый цвет в одежде: учимся правильно использоватьDim image. Burgundy is well muted beige color, and will suit different shades of beige. Select stylish dress shirt beige color, put on a Burgundy leather jacket, brown ankle boots and grab bag color «cappuccino» and you will be «on top». You can do the opposite, taking the Burgundy color: Burgundy dress to complement a sand trench and bag.
Бордовый цвет в одежде: учимся правильно использоватьThe sporty look. Yes, Burgundy color will help to create a sporty look – only in combination with blue. Especially «jeans» goes well with noble brown: blue jeans, a Burgundy jacket and brown sneakers or boots.

What goes Burgundy color in clothes?

Бордовый цвет в одежде: учимся правильно использоватьDress Burgundy could compete with the black color. This dress can be worn to a party or a romantic date, classic Burgundy dress perfect for the office and dress-shirt as a casual option for every day.

The quality of the shoes to this dress, you can recommend shoes, long boots with heels as an accessory – clutch or a small purse.

Will perfectly look with your evening dress Golden accessories: real gold or costume jewelry.

Styles Burgundy dresses diverse selection depends on the individual case. For daily life, especially for the season autumn-winter, you can pick up the now popular dress sweater type: knit and a small length, sometimes with a belt. For business meetings you should pay attention to strong sheath dress and for the evening you can leave your dress with a fluffy skirt or form-fitting model with sweetheart neckline.
Бордовый цвет в одежде: учимся правильно использоватьBurgundy pants are always fashionable and relevant, and for every look and style possible to find a model for these pants. For office work – direct fit, complemented by a silk or chiffon blouse for a walk – tight pants with a stylish shirt or switchtm.
Бордовый цвет в одежде: учимся правильно использоватьBurgundy shoes is a separate topic, it could substitute for brown shoes, whether it’s long boots, short boots, pumps or wedges. In addition, any of these options can be footwear for both daily life and for secular outputs.

Burgundy color in clothes photos images:
Long dress
Бордовый цвет в одежде: учимся правильно использовать
Short dress
Бордовый цвет в одежде: учимся правильно использовать
Pencil skirt with a white blouse and beige shoes
Бордовый цвет в одежде: учимся правильно использовать
Бордовый цвет в одежде: учимся правильно использовать
Leggings with a denim jacket
Бордовый цвет в одежде: учимся правильно использовать
Blazer with jeans
Бордовый цвет в одежде: учимся правильно использовать

Burgundy color – very deep and mysterious, not to say that it is only suitable for adults and confident young people, young people too can be confident in the Burgundy dress, skillfully blending in and using the only in his favor.