Bullet Train Sushi in Tokyo, Japan | Uobei Shibuya Dogenzaka (魚べい) 🍣

In this video we experience bullet train sushi in Tokyo, Japan for the first time. We had already tried conveyor belt sushi in Osaka, where we could grab plates of sushi as they travelled down, but this was our first time ordering exactly the sushi we wanted and having it fly out and stop right in front of us.

It was really easy for us to order the sushi with the touch screen menus and aside from just nigiri, maki and sashimi they also had an extensive noodle and soup section which we really appreciated. The prices of everything was very reasonable and we found the quality for what we paid offered excellent value. All in all we tried the following:

1) Complimentary match green tea (self service)
2) Tuna and salmon nigiri rolls
3) Grilled salmon rolls
4) Salted sardine sushi
5) Shrimp sushi
6) Salmon nigiri with lots of mayo (not our favorite)
7) Udon soup
8) Miso soup
9) Salmon rolls with chopped chives and chili oil

There are quite a few bullet train sushi restaurants in Tokyo, but we went to “Uobei Shibuya Dogenzaka” (魚べい) which is located in Shibuya neighborhood of Tokyo, Japan:

Uobei Shibuya Dogenzaka
Conveyor belt sushi restaurant
Address: Japan, 〒150-0043 Tokyo, Shibuya, Dogenzaka, 2 Chome−29−11 第六セントラルビル1階
Monday to Friday (11a.m.–12a.m.)
Saturday & Sunday (10:30a.m.–12a.m.)
Phone: +81 3-3462-0241

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Bullet Train Sushi in Tokyo, Japan | Uobei Shibuya Dogenzaka (魚べい) 🍣 Travel Food Transcript:

We have shown you conveyor belt sushi (Kaiten-zushi – 回転寿司) but today we’re going to take you to bullet train sushi (魚べい) . The premise is basically the same. The sushi comes out on a conveyor belt but at top speed. So basically we’re going to have these little screens in front of us. We can select the type of sushi we want and then it is going to come flying our way and stop right in front of us and we can feast like kings and queens so let’s go.

And we’ve got Rob again to join us. Exciting times. I’m looking forward to it. I’ve done a lot of conveyor belt sushi. Yeah. But this whole bullet train sushi is something different. New experience for us. Anything with sushi is good. It’ll be great man.

So we’ve just been given our numbers. We are 70, 71, 72.

So we are now inside the bullet train sushi restaurant. We are soaking wet. We got rained on hard. But I feel like sushi is going to make this better.

Alright so this is the setup we have. A little tablet in front of us with a menu and then we also have a menu up here with lots of pictures. Great for foreigners and up top we have our tea cups, our little bowls for soy sauce and also take-away boxes.

We’ve been here for a little bit what are you first impressions? This place is amazing. I love how efficient it is. It is also it has just got so many different things you can choose from. Yeah. It is a little weak in the roll department but it makes up for it in the fact that you can get ramen and udon and all sorts of things. Yeah. Very reasonably priced. It comes out fast. It is a fun place.

That was a wonderful lunch. We’ve got stacks of plates and bowls. And warm plates and cups. So yeah we ate really well. I’m stuffed. It was so much fun coming to bullet train sushi. I thought only conveyor belt sushi (Kaiten-zushi – 回転寿司) was a thing. But seeing it fly past you to other people like that was really cool. Yeah and there is a lot of people who are here enjoying lunch now. So this place is very popular. So this place is located in Shibuya (魚べい) if you also want to come visit. It has been a really fun experience here in Tokyo so I would highly recommend it.

This is part of our Travel in Japan video series showcasing Japanese food, Japanese culture and Japanese cuisine.

Music by Artlist: https://artlist.io/Audrey-184699


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