Build DIY flower stands yourself – Use old wooden ladders as flower stands

The use of an old wooden ladder as a flower ladder stand brings rural charm to every room in the house. This decorative flower stand will definitely be an eye-catcher on the terrace and in the garden. If you want to build this beautiful flower stand yourself and get the most out of the old wooden ladder, paint the areas that need a little bit of improvement and add some new decorative items.

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Open the wooden ladder and measure the length and width of the rungs. If the sprouts are too narrow to hold a flowerpot or planter, you need to extend it. Lay a wide wooden plank on each spar. Secure the wood extensions to the ladder with screws. For stability, use four screws on each rung, two per side.

Sand the wood with fine sandpaper to smooth the texture of the wooden ladder. After that, paint the ladder in any color that complements the décor on the terrace or, if it is to be placed outdoors, matches the colors of the house or the garden. Grinding is important because you can use it to remove any old residual paint and create a sufficiently rough surface on which the new paint can adhere perfectly. Otherwise, the new paint would start to peel off after a short time.

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Place the plants on the shelves that are formed from the former steps. Narrow sprouts, which are not wide enough to hold pots and boxes, can also be used for long flower boxes, as you can see above if you do not feel like planking them. You can use anti-slip stickers to keep the bottom of the pots in place. If possible, choose those that add a decorative element to the flower stand. For example, a floral theme would fit well.

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