Brown color is one of the most popular in the world. Many people equate brown and brown. Although initially, Karim called only the color of the eyes.

Today there is the concept of brown hair color. Brown or brown hair is very popular today. This is the most common color of hair in the world. Natural brown hue forms a large amount of melanin in the cells – a natural pigment.

Brown hair color shades

There are many shades of brown hair color. And all thanks to the manufacturers of cosmetics. You can get one or the other colours for the hair. By the way, colorists recommend to pay attention to mixed shades, and the coloring of various kinds. Let’s discuss the most popular shades of brown hair color.

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Light brown hair color

Light brown hair color today is very common. Moreover, stylists say that it is trending this year. In particular, a lighter shade of brown forms the easy way, which is perfectly paired with light skin and brown eyes.
Popular bright colors: Milk chocolate, iced caramel, light chestnut, etc. Combine light brown colour fashionable in a pair of dark chestnut, cool brown, etc.

Brown hair color

Rich brown is always cause for admiration from others. Deep brown color looks very natural, it is perfectly suitable for girls with brown eyes, light or dark skin. Today, you can choose a variety of shades of natural brown hair color. It all depends on your tastes and preferences.

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Chocolate hair color

Chocolate hair color is very popular. Most stylists emphasize that the chocolate color has become a trend of the new season, it is chosen as celebrities and many girls. You will be surprised, but a chocolate color hair suits many girls, he will be a great solution for owners of dark-gray eyes, and brown eyes. Chocolate hair color is very bright and catchy. Choosing it, you choose a bright style.

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Shade of milk chocolate

Hair color chocolate milk beats all records of popularity in recent times. Today, the shade of milk chocolate has a lot of interpretations. This light brown hair color, light chocolate, etc. hair Color milk chocolate may involve notes of ginger, caramel and brown shades.
The color of milk chocolate is a perfect choice for girls with fair skin, blue, grey or brown eyes.

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Bitter chocolate

Shade dark chocolate or dark brown or dark brown, is also relevant in this year. Today, dark brown hair can often be found in Hollywood stars. However, be careful, because hair color is dark chocolate makes the image more serious, and in some cases, the woman looks older. However, it all depends on who what shade is suitable. In this case, a very important color type. In particular, color of hair dark chocolate suitable for girls with fair skin, dark eyes.

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Brown amber

Brown hair color with red notes looks amazing. This image is perfect for girls with fair skin, green, blue or brown eyes. Chestnut hair color with amber hue looks very stylish, moreover, it makes the image more vivid.

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Brown eyes and hair

Brown eyes – a unique color that fits almost all shades of hair. In particular, since brown eye color is perfectly bright, all shades of hair, brown, light brown and dark shades of hair, red and caramel color hair.

Hazel hair color: how to protect the tint?

Many of the girls are the owners of brown or Chestnut brown hair color. And in order to maintain natural shade of hair, use natural hair shampoos.

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But hair stylists recommend the use of more effective methods of protection. So, after each hair coloring recommended for lamination of hair, which prevents leaching of color, causing the shade looks more bright. However, experts in style recommend to use a toning balm for the hair. This decision will allow the hair to retain the natural colour of the hair and give the hair Shine.

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However, experts in style recommend that to protect colored hair, and use natural cosmetics for hair care. Thus, in particular, experts recommend to pay attention to the shampoos without sulfates, mask with natural oils, the conditioner with natural ingredients, etc.

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Brown hair color, very popular shade, which today enjoys the attention of celebrities. Choose bright shades to make the image more memorable.

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