BROOKLYN and KAMRI Get Asked to PROM 2018?

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Brooklyn AND Kamri get asked to PROM 2018? This week on Behind the Braids we show you what you’ve all been waiting for… Brooklyn AND Kamri get asked to PROM by close family friends! Brooklyn was asked by Cameron, who you all know right now, with a Stranger Things theme, and Kamri was asked by Brett after our spring break trip to the Dominican Republic with a cute sign and candy!

Kamri is a freshman, so this was a big surprise to her since Prom is primarily for Juniors and Seniors and our kids don’t usually date until they are 16! We all knew about it, and gave special permission to Brett, an All State cross country star, to ask her since his mom and I were best friends in high school and roommates in college. Our kids have essentially grown up together. A few of the girls Brett had tried asking were already going with someone else, and others had plans elsewhere, and we all wanted him to be able to go. Since Brooklyn, Bailey, and Kamri will go to prom in the same group, and they are all friends, we know they’ll have a blast!

We also went to see Brooklyn and Bailey sing the national anthem and perform an amazing black light show at their pep rally at school! This pep rally was so special because it was Brooklyn and Bailey’s senior year of high school, so it’s their last ever high school pep rally! The stomp team, drill team and cheerleaders all performed in black light outfits! What fantastic show! Later Brooklyn, Bailey and their friend “SNEAK OUT”, with permission. You’ll also get to meet Cub! He is the newest CGH office Puppy! We belongs to someone on our team but we get to see him all the time and Paisley helped name him!

Brooklyn and Bailey SOLD OUT scrunchies they made TWICE! You’ll get a behind the scenes look at all the work it takes to sell these scrunchies! Packing up all the scrunchies was a team effort! We got all the kids to come help, and had a blast hanging out and packing them up. Maybe you’ll see a new set of colors launching soon!

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