The more you discover about fashion, the more there is to discover. This is something that delights women all over the world but also makes them feel very tense about. The fact is that fashion is one thing that is never static but you have to realize that not every fashion trend out there is for you and that it is important that you adapt the latest trends only if they fall in line with your style statement. To have style statement of your own, it becomes vital for you to realize and accept the kind of looks and personality that you have. Once you do, also ensure that you have a few reliable classics tucked away in your stylish wardrobe. One such style staple we think could be the button down dress. Why do we say that? Because we feel it is simple and yet has an official look and comes in many lengths, styles and variations. We feel that we should have to add it to the 19 types of dresses every woman should know about.






While you are looking at yet to discover ways to wear a denim shirt, you will find that there are many similarities with the button down dress. It is because a button down dress is simple enough to fling on like the denim shirt and it also by itself can make or break your look much like the denim shirt. In fact, for those women who are always on the run like moms will find this addition very useful. The button down dress should be part of the minimalist mom wardrobe for the smart and fashionable mother.






Here are some factors that you should know about the button down dress:

It can be worn through the head but buttons are important: While the button down dress need not necessarily be buttoned every time and can be worn as one would pretty much wear it like one would wear a t-shirt, the buttons are very important. The fact is that buttons are not only there for a utility value but also add to the aesthetics of the dress. That is why even though you slip it on through your head, the buttons still continue to have an important role to play.






The dress can be casual as well as official: The button down dress is also a great way to look formal or casual depending on the color, the cut, the pattern and the material of the dress. For instance, a dress in a plain and simple cut made of thicker material would be great as office wear. And one that is made of slinky material in a flowing pattern with flower prints on them would be great for a picnic as well as a casual outing.






You can combine it with various accessories: You can combine the button down dress with a pair of boots and make it look funky and cool. Or if the weather is too cold outside, you can combine this dress with a pair of warm tights and make it look good and stay snug at the same time. A button down dress made of lighter material can be ideal beach wear when the weather outside is hot and you want something that is easy to wear and take off to go for a swim.





We are sure by now you have taken several peeks at the images we have given here of girls and women here wearing button down dresses of various types. Do tell us which one appeals to you the most.

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