Rustic style is the one that falls right into your budget and that too with an extra charm of elegance, aesthetics and style. Natural wood is comparatively cheap and requires the basic tools to handcraft these pieces, so the price tag stays at a low range. You can take a look at some of rustic styled furniture and decorations such as rustic floor lamp and rustic wood wall decor in our previous posts.

If we are talking about floating wall shelves to add more space instead of the common shelves and cabinet, rustic style is not an exception to adopt. As we know that besides the useful functions, floating wall shelves often come in a beautiful design that it can be one of the decoration point of the room, especially the walls.

Let’s answer the curiosity about rustic floating shelves from the ideas we’ll see from pictures below. Here are 13 rustic floating shelves ideas we’ve collected, just for you!

1. Connect some rectangular wood with different length with two metal bars just like what you can see from the picture below. Sure will make a floating shelf look more attractive and bold.

Rustic Floating Shelves 9
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2. Or you can have this natural round wood plate as the your floating shelves? Really interesting shape to have!

Rustic Floating Shelves 10
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3. This idea of rustic floating shelves will make your goods or decorations safe with the safety bar around the shelf. Look at the picture below for an example of the idea.

Rustic Floating Shelves 11
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4. Combining rustic rectangular wood with industrial pipes for a floating shelf? What a very interesting idea! Get some inspirations from the picture below!

Rustic Floating Shelves 12
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5. Or you can have this rustic floating shelf with pallet. Really interesting with a touch of natural wood and blue color. Good for some small decorations.

Rustic Floating Shelves 13
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6. This rustic wood pallet comes in thick size that would provide a safe space for your items to put. The strong look make a  good statement to the wall also.

Rustic Floating Shelves 1
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7. You can also have it in dark colored wood with the combination of pallets just like what you can see from the picture below.

Rustic Floating Shelves 2
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8. And yes, the interesting part is the color choice of the rustic floating shelves! Take a look at he picture below to have some inspirations about the color.

Rustic Floating Shelves 3
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9. They can be useful for your wine glasses too, Make them more useful just like the idea from the picture below.

Rustic Floating Shelves 4
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10. This dark and thick rustic floating shelves are really strong as it can be a good storage for your dining tools.

Rustic Floating Shelves 5
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11. Natural shape is always the best when in comes to a rustic styled furniture. For a floating shelves concept, you can have it just like this idea below.

Rustic Floating Shelves 6
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12. Look at the combination of dark and light wood from this rustic floating shelves below. Really good to emphasize the beauty of your alternative storage.

Rustic Floating Shelves 7
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13. Rustic floating shelf with some drawers? Why not? You can even have an extra closed storage with the idea. For the look, take a look at the picture below for a reference.

Rustic Floating Shelves 8
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The durability and sustainability of the rustic floating shelves will satisfy you if you know how to maintain it properly. How? found any interesting idea for you to adopt? Don’t hesitate to share with us!

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