A moment of solemnity, modesty and atonement, the Easter holiday has also become a motif of happiness, an essential moment of the year we all get to gather around the dinner tale with friends and family and delight in simple joys. The simple egg is an iconic representation of this wonderful celebration which has been used and transposed in a variety of Easter crafts, desserts and decorations that surround us this time of the year, encouraging us to take them on and prepare for the upcoming holiday. The decoration of the egg itself has been transformed into art, fine little details depicting passion, creativity and inspiration. We have selected 19 delicate Easter crafts to challenge your craftiness this spring, each and single one of them unique and beautiful in their own personal way. Cast a glance at the gallery below and do not hesitate to share your own creations with the rest of diy crafters out there in the comment section below.

1. create a sweet nest cake

Bring-Joy-T -Your-Home-With -18-Delicate- Easter-Crafts-homesthetics (6)

We all know holidays require a sweet centerpiece, this Easter take on a delicious themed cake that will certainly delight your entire family.


2. grow your own easter grass

Bring-Joy-T -Your-Home-With -18-Delicate- Easter-Crafts-homesthetics (7)

Spring represents a wonderful rebirth of nature.Use eggs shells to nestle greenery and invite it into your home.


3. add a hint of sparkle and glamour to your easter crafts

Bring-Joy-T -Your-Home-With -18-Delicate- Easter-Crafts-homesthetics (8)

This year opt for glitter instead of the classical Easter egg paint which can actually damage the egg itself.


4. prepare your front porch for easter

Bring-Joy-T -Your-Home-With -18-Delicate- Easter-Crafts-homesthetics (9)

If you are decided to take this holiday on, go all the way and invest time in preparing and decorating your front porch.


5. fold dinner table napkins like a PROFESSIONAL

Bring-Joy-T -Your-Home-With -18-Delicate- Easter-Crafts-homesthetics (10)

If you are the one hosting the Easter dinner, you should keep the theme present and represented in the actual table setting.


6. learn the decoupage TECHNIQUE

Bring-Joy-T -Your-Home-With -18-Delicate- Easter-Crafts-homesthetics (11)

The decoupage technique is a beautiful craft applicable in the Easter egg decoration process.


7. set a certain etiquette for the easter dinner

Bring-Joy-T -Your-Home-With -18-Delicate- Easter-Crafts-homesthetics (12)


A classical touch could be added to your folded dinner table napkins.

8. a glass cloche bell can be used as a BEAUTIFUL display centerpiece

Bring-Joy-T -Your-Home-With -18-Delicate- Easter-Crafts-homesthetics (13)

Decorate an ostrich egg and display it into a beuatiful glass cloche bell.


9. create a HANGING egg decoration by using some basic rope and driftwood

Bring-Joy-T -Your-Home-With -18-Delicate- Easter-Crafts-homesthetics (14)

Driftwood and black and white decorated eggs shells can be mixed into a Scandinavian decoration piece.


10. learn different techniques to EMBELLISH your egg collection

Bring-Joy-T -Your-Home-With -18-Delicate- Easter-Crafts-homesthetics (15)

Get your Easter egg decorating techniques in check.


11. botanical easter eggs decorating

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Ester is spring so add a delicate flowery theme to your Easter decorating.


12. mimic a delicate bird’s nest

Bring-Joy-T -Your-Home-With -18-Delicate- Easter-Crafts-homesthetics (17)


Bring-Joy-T -Your-Home-With -18-Delicate- Easter-Crafts-homesthetics (3)

Present your Easter eggs in a twig basket mimicking a real bird’s nest.

13. transform egg shells into candle holders

Bring-Joy-T -Your-Home-With -18-Delicate- Easter-Crafts-homesthetics (18)

Egg shells can be used as scented candle holders.


14. use the egg’s shell to nestle tiny succulents

Bring Joy To Your Home With 18 Delicate Easter Crafts-homesthetics (3)

Eggs shells are very beneficial for raising tiny plants.


15. choose a frozen theme

Bring-Joy-T -Your-Home-With -18-Delicate- Easter-Crafts-homesthetics (2)

Impress your little one with a themed egg decoration.


16. create funny paper cones for holding easter candy with your little ones

Bring-Joy-T -Your-Home-With -18-Delicate- Easter-Crafts-homesthetics (4)

Crafting should be done with friends family and joy so why not start an Easter craft with your little ones?


17. turn oreos into delicious easter treats

Bring-Joy-T -Your-Home-With -18-Delicate- Easter-Crafts-homesthetics (5)

Turn those delicious cookies everyone loves into a themed dessert.


18. welcome guests with a beautiful bunny wreath

Bring Joy To Your Home With 18 Delicate Easter Crafts-homesthetics (2)

the front door says so much about a home so get in the Easter theme and decorate your front door with a wonderful twig bunny wreath.


19. learn how to preserve easter eggs


Unfortunately, time passes and Easter eggs will eventually e eaten, Learn how to preserve the shell and its beautiful decoration for a very long time.


In the end we would love to hear your thoughts on this delicate topic in the comment section below. How do you prepare for Easter? Which crafts from the ones in the list above is your favorite?

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