Creating a transitional space in your home will reduce your cost. The most common transitional space is a kitchen along with a dining room. It has easy access for everyone. A family room can also be set near the kitchen for a very informal and comfortable family space. To make it perfect, choose the right kitchen and family room furniture pieces which can be set inside your home. You may need smaller kitchen furniture pieces. Here are some brilliant kitchen family room ideas that will inspire you to create a nice transitional room inside your home.

A Compact Galley

Create a compact galley with a one-wall kitchen cabinet, minimalist dining furniture items, and a comfortable family space. Add an ottoman instead of a coffee table in front of the couch.

Beautifully Designed

This beach style family room consists of wood material which brightens up by the white and blue items such as the white sofa with blue pillows. The wood materials on the cabinet and coffee table don’t look too strong for a family space. The white and blue tone also runs into the kitchen.

A Traditional Family Room

A kitchen family room can be so warm by applying traditional style by using some wood elements and neutral hue.  The beams were nicely placed between the kitchen and the family space.

A Modern Transitional Space

Different from before, this home shows a modern design for its transitional space. The lighting plays a special role in showing the modern furniture items and vibe in the kitchen, dining, and family areas. The white dominates the space, while the black becomes a nice accent color.

Limited Space

Kitchen family room is really suitable for a small space. When you need to make a functional and comfortable space in your home but have limited space, it is a nice example for you. You must believe that it is really suitable interior design for a small family.

A Transitional Family Room

This kitchen was transformed from an enclosed space to an open and inviting family friendly area. Near the dining space and family space, this peninsula of the kitchen features also accommodates 4 comfortable seating and a small wine rack.

The Hallway Kitchen Family Room

This transitional space features a white L-shaped kitchen cabinet with its modern built-in kitchen appliances, a small white island, a small gray sofa, and a clear glass coffee table. The sofa has clean lines with buttons on the back but not too formal for a family room.

Transitional Style

This kitchen opens up to the comfy family room, where a large gray sectional can provides a very comfortable spot for the family to gather. The glass door, glass window, and skylight give nice lighting in this space.

Contrast Furniture

Wicker dining chairs and blue sofa are contrasting furniture items in this transitional space. The sofa and pillows give a casual vibe into the kitchen space.

Open Concept

An open concept is always good for a modern home. This kitchen family room offers modern furniture pieces and decorations.