I love the subtle color palette in this beautiful turn-of-the-century apartment. The walls are painted in different tints of grey and white, which goes so well with the hardwood flooring and the white moldings on the ceiling. The colors in this interior come from the smaller objects and accessories. I like this approach myself as well because it allows for switching up the color palette in a very easy way. Don’t feel like the tints of orange are working anymore? Change them into a blue or green color palette just by changing the art prints or the pillowcases. This is just an example of course, but you get the idea.

The living room has very light furniture combined with a white area rug and a glass coffee table, which lets the subtle touches of color shine. I love the way the art prints on the wall, the pillowcases, and the fresh flowers on the table stand out from all the grey in this space.

The dining room has an odd shape, which is solved by placing the dining table parallel to the longest wall. This wall has been given a nice gallery arrangement which finishes off things nicely. Also here the fresh flowers add a lot to the space . I think flowers always tend to do this, they are my go-to present to myself.

The bedroom is located right next to the living room and both rooms share the same odd layout. Each of the rooms comes out on the balcony, which is such a nice feature of this home. The bedroom has been painted in a darker grey wall color, which makes it a little bit cozier. Even though the color palette in the bedroom is a little more neutral, the color-blocked blanket on the bed stands out here so nicely as well.

via Entrance Makleri

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