I love the contrast between the bright living space and the black kitchen with the exposed brick wall in this beautiful Swedish home. You can find two of my art prints in the space as well, which I’m so happy about: The Pampas art print above the sofa in the living room and the Crinkled no.2 art print in the kitchen. 

I love the way the kitchen and living area were made into one continuous space. The black kitchen is fitted exactly in this niche and the space inside the wall was made into open shelving if you look carefully. In contrast to the black kitchen, the living room is a bright, white space, with light-colored furniture and pillowcases in summery colors* on the sofa. I think the black bentwood chairs around the round dining table really stand out in this interior and the green plants add an extra vibrant pop of color.

The bedroom is small, yet space is optimally used because of the way the wardrobe is warped around the bed. This solution offers a lot of storage oportunity, without the need to give up too much valuable floor space. I think the wavy lines of the white linen bedskirt* contrasts nicely with the clean lines of the wardrobe and the dark blue curtains add a little bit of a moody touch here.

Styled by Studio Cuvier for Alvhem

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