1510820179354.png1510820255754.pngCube+Apartment+V-S+2.png1510820196825.png1510820237657.pngARCHITECTURE BY Arjaan De Feyter - PICTURE BY Piet-Albert Goethals via Arjaan De Feyter.

ARCHITECTURE BY Arjaan De Feyter – PICTURE BY Piet-Albert Goethals via Arjaan De Feyter.

There is something about flowy, crisp white curtains that get me every time, and of course this one was no exception. Spotting this editorial over at Mode Amour (on a side note, whose blog I’ve been reading back and forth for around 10 years, how crazy is that?) made me want to throw away everything that I owned to just go back to basics, beautiful wooden materials, light sandstone in kitchen and bathroom, topped of with a little (emphasis on a little) brass. 

Although this isn’t the place where one would actually live, or if it is, it wouldn’t look like this after a few minutes, but in spite of this there are a few things to note and maybe take back with you to your own interior. 

 – I love the contrasting black lamps in the kitchen. Often we are scared to incorporate black into a light interior as we think it might ‘clash’, but it actually does quite the opposite!
– Curtains! I feel like a bit of a hypocrite writing this as I don’t have any of my own at the moment, something I’m working on, but curtains really do frame a room. You can go heavy or go light, but no matter what, they make it feel like a home. 
– Natural wood is so gorgeous, almost makes me want to throw out our new kitchen and copy this straight away. I know that Ikea have a version resembling this (that I haven’t seen for real though!), maybe something for those of you thinking about upping your kitchen game.


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