From custom wedding Snapchat filters to a personalized #hashtag on Instagram, couples around the world are vying to become the next viral sensation when it comes to showing off their big day. White Runway shares that dressing your bridesmaids in white is the hottest trend right now. Keep reading to find out why these weddings with white dresses went viral.

White Dresses Can Be Flattering

We know black is typically known as the flattering color, but in this case we’re showing that white can work in your favor too. As seen in the photo below, the stark contrast of the white dresses against the green background further accentuates the bridesmaids’ figures. White is also a color that is universally flattering on all skin tones so it’s hard to go wrong with white dresses!

Shaq + Drew's Jamaican wedding at the Lakeside at Gramercy Bridal Asst Selina Howard of Vainglorious Brides #shaqanddrewsayido Photo credit: © Petronella Photography http://bypetronella.comPhoto: Petronella Photography; Bridesmaids in the Arianna Dress

White Dresses Evoke Sophistication, Class and Drama

Who doesn’t love a little bit of drama? While red dresses scream “look at me”, white dresses send a similar message with class and sophistication. White dresses are easy on the eye and demand attention – images with white dresses always receive a significantly higher amount of likes than any other color.

white-dresses-2-032717mcPhoto: White Runway; Bridesmaids in the Stellina Dress

It’s A Case of Who Is The Bride?

People love a good topic for a keyboard warrior debate. Who is the bride? Bridal parties dressed in all white have been the most engaging images with the highest number of comments from men and women alike.

white-dresses-3-032717mcPhoto: Special Memories Photography; Bridesmaids in the Ivana Dress

The Bridal Army – We All love Glamorous Girl Power

We love a bit of girl power and a group of bridesmaids in glamorous white dresses brings fond memories of girls uniting as one army.

white-dresses-4-032717mcPhoto: White Runway; Models in the Blushing Belle, Anika & Evette Dress

More White Bridesmaid Dresses From White Runway

white-dresses-5-032717mcStyle: Rosetta Gownwhite-dresses-6-032717mcStyle: Mia Dresswhite-dresses-7-032717mcStyle: Marchesa Dresswhite-dresses-8-032717mcStyle: Eva Dresswhite-dresses-9-032717mcStyle: Renaissance Gownwhite-dresses-10-032717mcStyle: Leah Diamond Dresswhite-dresses-11-032717mcStyle: Indyana Gownwhite-dresses-12-032717mcStyle: Anika Dresswhite-dresses-13-032717mcStyle: Cassandra Dresswhite-dresses-14-032717mcStyle: Valentina Dresswhite-dresses-15-032717mcStyle: Rosetta Midi Dresswhite-dresses-16-032717mcStyle: Charlotte Cap Sleeve Dress

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