A house with a pool is not exactly an extraordinary thing. But if the house were to have an infinity edge pool things definitely change. The whole thing becomes even more interesting if the building itself has something that stands out like let’s say a sculptural facade. Right now we’re actually describing the Mosman House, a beautiful single-family residence located in Sydney, Australia.

The house looks inconspicuous from the street and its true character is revealed towards the rear of the site
The house opens onto its surroundings and embraces the panoramic views, making the most of its huge windows
The outdoor spaces are just as generous as the indoor ones, this sunken lounge space being the main feature

The house was designed by architect Rolf Ockert and the whole process started in 2014. It ended in 2017 and this is the result: a gorgeous home with everything a family could wish for. It puts together a wonderful mix of indoor and outdoor spaces, like this sunken seating area out on the deck, pushed towards the back so it can offer panoramic views, the same as the infinity edge pool.

A long, rectangular swimming pool extends and cantilevers over the edge of the slope
The views are most wonderful towards the edge and that’s where the focal points are clustered
A particularly attractive detail is this sculptural portion of the facade which has a 3D effect

The architect believes that timelessness comes from true quality and that style is the personal touch that makes all the difference. These ideas were employed when designing the Mosman House and that’s the point of origin for its unique and eye-catching features such as this sculptural facade pattern that use glass panels to let light in.

This is how the facade is designed on the inside of the house
The interior spaces communicate well with their surroundings, having large glass doors that connect the two worlds
The social spaces are open, airy and welcoming, being decorated with eye-catching light fixtures

It was important for the interior spaces to be bright, open and full of light and they get that thanks to the huge windows and the orientation of the house. Artificial lighting is also important and the pendant lamps and chandeliers are amazing and eye-catching throughout the house. The lounge area is particularly outstanding, featuring a beautiful balance of colors, textures and finishes. A gray sectional sofa together with two Mart chairs frame the space.

Glass partitions enclose the upper level of the house, exposing it to the ground floor spaces
The views are a big part of the overall interior decor and everything is selected to be in perfect sync with them

A pair of Mad chairs frame this living area and set a visual barrier between it and the outdoor lounge deck by the pool. The pendant lamps add a sophisticated touch to the space while also introducing a new color. The kitchen gets to welcoming light and views inside too. It has long, horizontal windows and a rather simple decor based mostly on wood.

Even the kitchen has its own special connection with the outdoors

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