This eye-catching house located in Union Vale, New York, was recently completed by Daniel Contelmo Architects. The residence features an exterior dominated by steeply pitched roofs and clover-shaped windows, reminiscent of the carpenter Gothic style.

“The surrounding landscape influenced much of the design,” architect Daniel Contelmo said.”We oriented the home on the site to maximize the pastoral views. To the left, large windows capture a meadow scene, while the rear of the house is almost entirely glass, allowing for unobstructed views of a pond. The metal roof reflects the sky, lending an airy feeling that contrasts the stone at the base of the main entrance.”
As you step inside, you notice the double-height living room, which looks cheerful and festive all year round. We particularly like the black pendant units, which reduce the scale of the room and add a contemporary feel.

“The homeowners wanted to emulate one of their favorite inspiration homes, Hollyhock, in California,” the architect added. “We took this into account when choosing wood paneling for most of the interior, which was then whitewashed to create a lighter feel. The main floor is an open, informal space comprised of one great room that incorporates both eating and entertaining.”

The kitchen reveals a classic design with white cabinetry, white marble countertops, decorated window niches and a flexible layout. Photography and information courtesy of Daniel Contelmo Architects.

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