My home office is really coming together now that the pin board is up and this area is one of the spots that stayed almost the same in comparison to the setup I had in my previous apartment (if it works, it works right?). I also introduced some brass office accessories from Fundamental Berlin, who are known for their fascination for the mathematics of nature. I love the way the subtile brass finishes stand out of all the white and natural colors here and I feel like these objects just made this space complete.

On my desk, you can spot the ‘Penrose tray’ which is etched out of Soft-brushed Brass from a hand-drawn pattern, next to the ‘Cloud desk organiser’ which you can fold yourself from a flat-packed sheet of brass to fit anything from pens to business cards.⁠ I think the combination of those two objects next to the black office lamp just works perfectly.

I’m so happy I was able to get the pinboard up in time to have a place for these cute flatmate animals, which were designed during the pandemic and made in Berlin in a social workshop for the disabled. I love these playful pieces and they make my workplace so much more fun!⁠ I’m a lover of beautiful design elements that are playful as well, so these are just the perfect addition to my pinboard.

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