Плетение французской косы: методика и видыFrench braid is a classic of hairdressing and is suitable for almost all women.

The main condition – long hair. This year is very stylish and fashionable looks hairstyles with braids, so with a bit of practice, you can learn how to braid your own classic French braid.

To braid French braid-need a little to moisturize your hair with water and carefully brushed them back. To weave the braid should start on top of your forehead. To do this, take a large lock of hair from his forehead and divide it into 3 equal parts.

Depending on what kind of braid you want, you need to choose the appropriate strands, braids for thin they must be smaller, and for large – on the contrary.
In mind the need to number the strands in order from left to right strand number 1 to put on 2 and 3 strand to throw through 1.

Further strands swapped and they need to re-enumerate, in addition you need to gradually add to the left and right strands of hair respective sides, carefully adding in strands of loose hair.

These movements should be repeated until the end of the hair, and the end of the French braid, you can continue to weave a simple braid and then secure the end of the braid with a rubber band or decorative barrette.

Today there are many variants of French braids, for example, you can braid one braid, but two. In addition it can be arranged not only vertically, but also sideways, in a circle, on the contrary, when the braid is as if turned.Плетение французской косы: методика и виды

In any case, whichever option you choose, allow yourself to slight negligence, then your image will be unique, individual and bold.

Natural beauty girls is able to emphasize not only the cute facial features, expressive eyes and a charming smile, but a beautiful, well-styled hair.

Lately becoming more popular hairstyles from braids, which not only emphasize the lines of the face and neck, but at the same time protect our hair from negative factors causing dryness and brittleness.

Almost all the girls will match the hairstyles with braids, most importantly, to determine the kind of braids, the right to the style that they blend with the outfit.

One of the most popular hairstyles from Braids for girls is «spike». But this season stylists recommend to experiment with the number of strands, and offer more sophisticated options, instead of 3 strands use 4 or 5.

While the pigtail should not braid tight, you need to braid your hair carelessly and easily, you can omit a few strands on the face. The braid can begin to weave from his forehead, and you can show imagination and make a side parting, braid the braid in 2 rows.

In addition to the spike, stylists offer to do a classic French braid, fishtail, braid on the side in a Greek style braid on the bangs and weave baskets.

Any braid, you can braid it yourself if you exercise a little patience and practice. After all, your hairstyle should not be perfectly smooth and neat, alive and small restrainest. Such hairstyles make a girl more Flirty and seductive, so don’t be afraid to experiment with yourself and with your hair.

There are many options of romantic hairstyles. However, the most stylish of them was always braids. Today, modern fashionistas are practicing a wide variety of weaving.

Among the most popular: French and Turkish braids, braid spike, fishtail etc.

Today we offer you to see how you can create a romantic hairstyle using French braids, leaving the hair loose.

To create this hairstyle you do not need special tools, to make it very simple.

Original hairstyle French braid for a long time is at the top of the fashion Olympus.

This hairstyle is very original and simple. It will give your outfit a Flirty shape and chic.

To make a French braid is a snap, just from time to time to practice.

Well, we in turn would like to show you a few of the original options French braid hairstyles.