In a week’s time it’ll be officially autumn, so I was thinking of adding sleeves to this top. I mean, seriously… by the time I am ready to publish this it will be freezing cold. Or so I think. But I am having faith in my beloved Australians because summer is heading their way 🙂
The story.
This is my first time I am writing a pattern for 2 sizes and for a top no less. Everything I’ve made for Eva is in size S (XS) and this particular one she is wearing is in size M. I hope I will have the pattern ready to be tested soon and I am keeping my fingers crossed for a minimum of errors. What’s been eating me is that I am not sure if I have the measurements right for the M size and that makes my stomach twirl. But we’ll find out about it really soon.
A blue bralette is also coming up nicely – and I am not sure how many tries I need to satisfy myself and calm (drown) the fears, but another one is one the way.
I have some interesting posts lined up for next week, so be sure to drop us a visit! Until then, be happy!


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