Синий цвет как выражение индивидуальностиYou prefer clothes in blue? So, you love life in all its manifestations. Because blue color is as multifaceted as life itself. With a huge range of different shades, it can calm, cheer up and cheer, and maybe to make you look serious and focused. The blue color complements any style — from romantic and feminine image to the extracted chic.

What colors harmonize with the blue?

Blue color — always popular and always in fashion. Clothes blue tones worn by the people in all countries, regardless of the season, status, age and profession.

Blue in its range has a variety of tones and semitones for every taste: delicate colors of powder blue, sky blue, summer blue and joyful, daring electrician, calm turquoise, mysterious celadon and many other fascinating shades of blue.

If you know when, where, and in what combinations to wear blue colors, you can always look extraordinary and elegant. Virtually the entire color palette can blend in with the blue. Most importantly, you need to combine bright and dark shades of blue with other colors.
Синий цвет как выражение индивидуальности
What color goes well with blue clothing:

    • Turquoise harmonizes perfectly with yellow, brown, cherry red, cream, dark purple and fuchsia flowers. Blue blending with green, yellow, red, Golden, dark blue, brown, gray and

Mustard flowers

    . The electrician will look beautiful with the Golden yellow, silver, brown and gray colors. Blue color or cobalt is perfect for Burgundy, gold, red, olive, beige, purple, yellow and grey colors. Ultramarine to its rich hue is perfect sky blue, orange, grey, brown, red, gold, brown and Myrtle colours. Dark blue is a gloomy mood, so it is necessary to dilute the red, green, gray, light purple, pale yellow, brown, and blue. You cannot combine dark blue and black colors, because it would be too dark gamma.

Royal blue, Indigo, electric lavender, cyan, blue, sapphire, azure — and that’s not the whole palette is blue, which gives a vast space for imagination and creating unique images.

How to create the image?

The blue color is so versatile that it can be used for any image. Shades of blue color will beautify you in every sphere of life, be it work, entertainment party or social event.
Синий цвет как выражение индивидуальности

    Bright hues of blue like office girls. Blue tone is always welcome in the office dress code. Colors such as blue, nezabudkovy and the color blue powder looks delicate and neutral, which is very important for the image of a business woman. Delicate cornflower blue color creates a soft feminine look and is suitable for romantic natures. Bright shades of ultramarine are good for creating color solutions for every day. Sky blue color will look harmonious in spring and summer, and shades of turquoise are pleasing to the eye with clothes on for a beach holiday. Fun and extravagant Indigo and electrician will help to create a fiery youth a way to go to a party or night club. Royal blue will create an aristocratic image to visit social events. Dark shades of blue is good in any way and in any style of clothing. Sapphire color will decorate any woman in the restaurant, in the theatre box or at the reception. Dark ink color is ideal evening long dress. It is especially brunettes.

What goes the blue color in clothes and how to wear it?

The blue tones begin to play with new colors, if it be in harmony with other colors.
Синий цвет как выражение индивидуальности

    Very bold color combination can be called a combination of saturated blue and red. In this case, one of the combined colors should complement the other. For example, to the blue kit should be added the red handbag, shoes or the same color decoration. Bright red and blue colors will add a feminine confidence and style. Elegant look combination blue and brown, in which brown plays a secondary role. With clothes all in shades of blue will look good complement all the brown tones right up to bright red. This seemingly unusual color solution will emphasize your good taste and sophistication nature. In youth fashion popular blue and yellow colors. Only there is one caveat — pale colors need to be combined with pale and bright — bright. Such extravagant combinations are especially good for fun parties. The combination of blue and purple tones are perfect for cocktail parties and evening toilet. Blue and gray colors wonderful complement and enliven each other. Gray-blue set looks very elegant and perfect for a romantic evening, going to the theater or restaurant. Blue and white is a classic, upland and harmony. The white color highlights the amazing generosity and the purity of blue color.

Very often ladies wondering what to wear with a blue skirt and a blue jacket. There are many interesting and original solutions for all occasions.

Blue skirt should be in every woman’s closet. It can be combined with many colors and is able to quickly lift your mood even on a rainy day.
Синий цвет как выражение индивидуальности

    • Business lady in a skirt, white blouse and

Brown boots

    create the impression of a serious and reliable partner in business negotiations. Skirt, complemented by a light striped top, lift your spirits while relaxing at the seaside. Red shirt and white Panama is that it is necessary to take a journey in hot countries. Mini-skirt, black top and jewelry from the yellow metal just March to a youth party. The skirt is Maxi length can be useful always. It is combined with sleeveless blouses and fitted jackets of different colors.

Blue jacket is a universal thing in a woman’s wardrobe. He can help out in unexpected situations. Jacket blue color will add to the business style of gentleness and femininity, and everyday — elegance and liveliness.
Синий цвет как выражение индивидуальности

    • In an office setting this jacket would look lovely with a white lace blouse and

Long black skirt

    . This kit will remove unnecessary rigor. In daily life blue color you can combine it with a light blouse and same-tone skirt or shorts. The jacket is the perfect addition to your evening dress and makes the image more solid. The combination of bold scarlet dress with a blue jacket and a red purse will decorate any girl. Also the young women recommended combination cropped jacket clothes pink tones.
[note]When wearing clothes of blue color do not forget about accessories to look complete and harmonious.[/note]

Combination of blue color can be very different. Try, change combinations, experiment until you find the colour scheme closest to you, and until you feel comfortable. And then the blue color will become your ally in creating a unique image.