Tips to avoid procrasinationWe’re here with another addition of Blogging Q&A. If you missed our last one, this is a series where we take questions we have gotten from the blog, social media, or our best selling e-Course Blog Life and answer them. This week’s question comes from a Blog Life student:

“How in the world do you kick procrastination when it comes to blogging? I have a lot of time, I admit. But I drag my feet every time to do a post. How can I stay active and inspired when it comes to blogging? Any tips?!!”

First off, I think we can ALL empathize, right? Even if you don’t blog, we’ve all felt the sneaky pull of procrastination from time to time in whatever our goals may be. It’s tough! Here are a few things that we’ve found over the years that help us: 

1. Lists + Planning.

We cannot emphasize enough how important planning is, even if you consider your blog a just-for-fun hobby. Planning is making a road map to success. Think about what your blog’s overall goal is and plan out a few months’ worth of content ideas that help support this overall message. Plan how often you want to post and what your big picture content goals are for the next 3 months, 6 months, and year. Then make a to-do list every day that you work on your blog to break down this plan into digestible steps. So often we can get overwhelmed with how much we want to do, or we just don’t know where to start. This usually leads to wasting time on IG, Pinterest, or other activities that can easily swallow up huge amounts of otherwise productive time. Make a plan. Make a list to execute that plan. Then do the list. We know it sounds simple, and it is! But if you fail to plan, well then as they say, you plan to fail. 

2. Variety is the spice of life, I mean, blogging. 

Sometimes we procrastinate because we are bored with our current blog post, project, etc. Find ways to add some variety to your work! If you’re excited and passionate about your content, your readers will be as well. Of course there are sometimes tasks that we just can’t get away from, like editing big batches of similar photos, answering emails, etc. These are just as much a part of blogging as the exciting, creative stuff. You may want to ignore these tasks to work on something more interesting to you, so instead, try to find ways to speed up the process without compromising on quality. An easy example is editing big batches of photos. Look up some articles, take a course, or learn from friends how to batch edit. Challenge yourself to find ways to cut down on time spent on monotonous tasks by setting up processes that help you automate or move faster. 

3. The work hours rule.

Implement what we like to think of as “the work hours rule.” This is for you stay-at-home full time bloggers as well as those working in the evening or weekends. No matter what time of day you work, when you set those work hours, stick to them. So if you plan to work on a blog post Tuesday night from 6-8pm, don’t schedule anything else, don’t start a load of laundry, don’t check Facebook, don’t start dinner at 7:45pm, etc. From 6-8pm you are all business. This is also something we deal with since we work from home. It’s SO easy to get distracted by a floor that needs to be mopped, or to start scrolling through IG and then 30 minutes passes in the blink of an eye. Watch out for things like this no matter when you work – and work during those work hours!

If you want even more tips for how to be productive and get stuff done, check out this article. Also, if you love blogging and want to know more about our course, you can read more about Blog Life here. xx. Elsie + Emma

Credits// Author: Emma Chapman and Elsie Larson. Photo and design: Sarah Rhodes and Mara Dockery.