Черное платье: женственно, стильно и универсальноNow it is an indispensable item in every woman’s wardrobe, and in the twenties of the last century, the black dress created Coco Chanel, fundamentally changed the image of women in the fashion world. Color it must be deep and rich, but the style for your figure choose from a huge variety of options that range from global brands to small unknown designers.

Look simple and modest dress will be the basis on which by means of additions and accessories you will create for any occasions an infinite number of practical, stylish images.

Suitable for black dress?

All. Some mysterious properties it gives to the figure slim, making the younger woman, the correct choice of the model looks flawless on a girl of any build. Length from MIDI to mini; sleeve long, three quarter, short, may be absent; the neck in dozens of variants; finishing lace, sequins, and panels; use of ruffles, draping, pleats; a variety of silhouettes from bodycon to bustier with mini skirt head might go spinning from the wealth of choice.

Tips when choosing the dress

Pay special attention to the material. A tight knit, cashmere and fine wool the most versatile. Lace, velvet and satin elegant, but not suitable for business office style. Be careful with the thin knit, it highlights the slightest flaws and requires careful selection of underwear. Pure cotton and linen crease easily and lose color when washed. Optimal blended fabric based on wool or cotton with the addition of synthetic fibers to improve elasticity, wear-resisting, preserve color and shape.
Черное платье: женственно, стильно и универсальноClassical style, is considered to be extremely concise and simple, it gives the greatest freedom for creativity when creating the image for different situations. The model should emphasize your strengths, hide weaknesses, to sit perfectly and be comfortable. To stay stylish highlight only one area of the body:

    Nice legs will benefit from a mini length, correct shoulder line and elegant hands accentuate sleeveless dress or spaghetti straps; attention to the Breasts will attract a plunging neckline, a narrow waist, you can highlight a fitted silhouette or a belt; slim neck would be beneficial to look at the rounded neckline.

To divert attention from some of your small flaws, use the following simple rules:

    With the wide hips will fit flared skirt and belt; with short legs and long torso the disparity will smooth model with a high waist; the hands will hide the model with extended sleeves; the lack of straps accentuate the shoulders and visually reduce the waist, with a round face is not recommended to use a semi-circular cutout; in excess weight need to find a middle ground: the dress should neither be covered nor hanging the bag; while the figure with shapely legs and lost try the nipped-waist pencil skirt or Tulip; at length below knee need shoes with high heels.

It will suit to the black dress?

To create a complete image of the approach to the choice of add-ons carefully and comprehensively consider not only clothes, but shoes and accessories.
Черное платье: женственно, стильно и универсальноFor office good blazers and jackets in almost any color. Gray and black are always appropriate, bright colors will be more elegant, moderately bright «acidity» will add elegance.

Outside, you can wear a warm pleasure blazer, coat caramel or Beige shades, spring and autumn cardigan for youth informal style leather jacket-leather biker jacket with studs.

At the party look good Bolero, Bolero with sequins, short sleeve aristocratic transparent or satin high black gloves.

The classic addition is the black wide-brimmed hat, giving a special charm and mystique, and in combination with large smoky sun glasses men’s attention you provided.

Dark-colored tights without pictures is indispensable in most cases and are the perfect complement to black dress.

[note]For an informal party would suit more vivid colors, but the style of the dress itself then needs to be relaxed and democratic.[/note]


Черное платье: женственно, стильно и универсально
It is an essential element to complete your look. They should not be many, but each is simply obliged to be bright, unusual, eye-catching.

A scarf or neckerchief to select, in contrast with the dress will fit almost any juicy range of colors and shades. Depending on the size, length and mood to tie them in various ways. For Dating, trips, parties, you can throw a shawl.

When choosing a belt, trust your taste, acceptable any material, color, and width, it is important only combined with the style of the shoes and handbag.

Classic elegance to a black dress since Coco Chanel are the string of pearls and stud earrings. Will look great turquoise, agate, emerald, amber, garnet, amethyst.

If you wear jewelry, it is to preserve the style objects need not be very large.

Bag black small clutch bag, the choice of a different color pick a tonal belt, shoes or solid embellishment: choker, necklace, bracelet.


Черное платье: женственно, стильно и универсально
For an evening look patent leather black or matching color belt and handbag open pumps, but impressive look with bright platform or fashionable ankle boots.

Office shoes low heel street boots, high boots, moccasins, ankle boots, and ballet flats, stiletto – the choice is huge, is that beach-flops and Slippers don’t mix with the black dress.

For youth parties individual emphasis may be placed on contrasting boots purple, pink, yellow, red colors.

A few simple rules to conclude:

    Binding bright accessory or a stylish accent; additions should not be too much; only a simple and natural hairstyle; sleek makeup.

Black dress only basis for changing your unique stylish image. Shoes, clothing, jewelry, accessories will help to drastically and quickly change your image depending on the place, time, circle of friends, your goals and desires. Go ahead, experiment, trust your taste and remember the phrase of the legendary Coco Chanel «Fashion goes, but style remains.»