Referencing subtle cues from its natured muse, Birch Tree House by Susi Leeton Architects + Interiors gently curves and meanders around its site as a welcomed counterbalance to the vibrancy of the family life it encases.

Sited on a generous allotment in Melbourne, Birch Tree House speaks to a lasting resonance, where the conjuring of a relaxed and emotive response is celebrated. Through a series of spaces that encourage a tangible engagement, curved and linear elements come together through a muted softness, carving out unique meditative moments within the greater whole while embracing its landscape.

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Natural light and soft materials have been used to create an atmosphere of light and shade, with refined and tonal finishes. Considered subtleties of textural polished plaster and light oak timber flooring add warmth emphasising scale and an inherent cohesiveness, while contrasting elements of natural limestone and heavy flowing linen sit alongside each other as an equaliser.

As a calming and composed place of respite, that is also deeply introspective, Birch Tree House uses solid masonry to define the exterior envelope, while thin-framed apertures connect to the expressed arches of the surrounding pergola, adding a sculptural rhythm to the space.

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‘My Country’ (2006) by Sally Gabori offers playful colour to the Marmorino polished plaster walls and limed oak floors.

Discreet and nuanced, Birch Tree House modestly navigates its site with a refreshing curation of its many parts, bringing natural and sculpted elements with softer and unexpected pops of colour.

Classical proportions and an innate softness underpin the resulting home, revealing itself through inspiration from how the spaces should feel and engage its occupants.

This feature originally appeared in est Magazine issue #40. 

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