BIGGEST ICE CREAM in Tokyo, Japan! 8 FLAVORS GIANT Ice Cream Cone! 🍦

BIGGEST ICE CREAM in Tokyo, Japan! 8 FLAVORS GIANT Ice Cream Cone! 🍦

Join us for the biggest ice cream challenge in Tokyo, Japan! We found a place serving a giant 8 ice cream featuring no less than 8 different flavors. To find this place selling the biggets ice cream cone we headed over to Nakano subway station and then found Nakano Broadway shopping centre heading down into B1F level. The giant ice cream is meant to be shared as a family or a group of friends. The following is a list of the flavors you can find as part of the 8 different layers:

1) Strawberry
2) Coffee / Mocha (favorite)
3) Vanilla (boring)
4) Chocolate
5) Banana
6) White Strawberry of Sakura
7) Matcha Green Tea
8) Blue (Ramune)

Aside from just the biggest ice cream cone you can also find much smaller sizes if you’re just looking for a smaller snack. We found prices to be quite reasonable.

Just remember there is no seating area in the basement and it tends to be quite hot and humid downn there in the summer. Also, if you drop the cone you are SOL and you’ll have to order another one.

Where you can have the biggest ice cream in Tokyo, Japan:

Daily Chico
Ice cream shop
Located in: Nakano Broadway
Address: Japan, 〒164-0001 Tokyo, Nakano, 5丁目52−15 中野ブロードウェイ
Hours: Monday to Sunday 10a.m.–8p.m.
Phone: +81 3-3386-4461

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Biggest Ice Cream in Tokyo, Japan! 8 Flavors Giant Ice Cream Cone! 🍦 Travel Food Video Transcript:

Alright guys today’s video is for all of you ice cream lovers out there. We have come to Nakano Broadway in search of the biggest ice cream in Tokyo, Japan.

Yes, we are still having ice cream. So let’s go in and see what it is all about. So in order to find this place you’re going to take the north exit at Nakano Station (中野駅) which brings you to this mall entrance.

It almost looks like an arcade you just go straight in. So what you have to do to find this ice cream place. You walk all the way through the arcarde and then at the very end you’re going to see a sign that says Nakano Broadway.

That is the entrance to the shopping centre. So yeah we’ve just reached that right now.

We are one step closer to ice cream. And from there once we are inside this mall we have to go to the basement B1F.

So it is kind of like a big supermarket down here. You can buy fish, fresh produce. We know the ice cream shop is at basement
level but we’re not entirely sure where so we’re just going to have to walk around.

Alright so Audrey is going to get the biggest ice cream cone. Are you excited for this? Super excited.

I actually saw someone just order the large one and it is really is as big as that. It is unbelievably huge.

550 Yen is a pretty good deal too. 8 flavors! Let’s get lots of napkins and lots of spoons!

Okay we’re finding a little quiet space in the corner here. I’ve never seen anything like this.

We should talk about the price.

What is was 550 Yen. 550 Yen so in US dollars that would be roughly about $5 US dollars maybe a little bit less.

Maybe like $4.90 or 4.80. So highly affordable to try this. Massive ice cream cone which I think is the biggest it is definitely the biggest we’ve ever seen.

So guys if you’ve seen an ice cream that is bigger than this let us know where you had it.

Like which city, which country and if it was similar to this in terms of like a rainbow of flavors.

We’d be really curious to know. Get some ice cream inspiration.

Yeah if you want to find the biggest ice cream cone in Tokyo come to Nakano Broadway. There wasn’t that big of a line.

This is part of our Travel in Japan video series showcasing Japanese food, Japanese culture and Japanese cuisine.

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