Hey friends! We have a LOT of big news to share with you today! We’re here to share our future plans for A Beautiful Mess (the shop) and Oui Fresh … something we’ve been working on all year! I’ll warn you that this is going to be a pretty long post, so if you only have like three minutes, just look at the photos and scroll to the last paragraph for the recap.

And for the rest of you, it’s DETAIL TIME!

We decided to rebrand and expand our retail brand, OuiFresh. In the past, we’ve sold T-shirts and a few accessories there. We LOVE creating our T-shirts and new sunnies and we decided that we wanted to do more than just fashion and accessories. We spent (what seemed like) forever brainstorming what types of products we were most excited to add first!

While exploring ideas for signature products to add, we kept coming back to wellness-based products. I’m sure you’ve noticed we are totally obsessed with this category, and super passionate about non-toxic beauty in our personal lives. So the new products we are adding fall into this category. Our new products are designed to help make non-toxic beauty and wellness more accessible and simple!

(This is just a mock up, but isn’t it CUTE??)

This fall, we are launching a natural beauty box. The products we curate are non-toxic and cruelty-free, but we also work really hard to pick products that are beautiful and perform super well. Each month will be a different hand-picked assortment of products to try. The price is crazy affordable and the amount of full-size product we are packing into these boxes is seriously impressive!

In addition to the curated picks, each month our subscribers will receive a signature product from one of our own lines (sometimes they are items we’ll sell in the shop and sometimes they are exclusives and even sneak peeks of future products). Which brings me to my next point … would you like to see our new signature products?

We created a line of Oui Fresh lipstick and lip glosses!!!!

Here’s a look at the lipsticks …

And here’s a look at the lip glosses …

Both formulas are ultra-moisturizing and free of artificial fragrance, methylparaben, phthalates, retinyl palmitate and conventional castor oil (I’ll explain why this is important in a future post!). Instead, our products are full of awesome ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, rosemary, lavender, thyme, vanilla and vitamin E.

Our products are also 100% cruelty-free … always!

And another fun detail—the names are ’90s INSPIRED! You can see a few of them in the photos above. I swear to you that the day we picked all the names was probably the most exciting day of my entire career. So much fun!

We cannot wait for you to try these for yourselves. Cosmic Brownie lip gloss is already in my daily rotation … it’s the perfect nude shade for me!

It’s no secret that we are OBSESSED with essential oils. I use them daily for everything from diffusing them (in my bedroom, office and living room), making my own skincare products and cleaning products too. They are awesome!

But one thing has always bothered me: I am not a huge fan of MLM (multi-level marketing) and I didn’t want to recommend something to you that you have to sign up for to be a customer (and possibly end up being pressured to sell). I don’t mean any offense to those who participate in these types of businesses, but I never felt right using my platform in this way. So we saw an opportunity to create a brand of high quality oils, with no strings attached!

Our oils are 100% pure essential oils and they are sourced from farmers all around the world. During our research, we conducted tireless comparison testing on some of the most popular oils used today. We are beyond proud of the performance of the oils we’ve sourced from a distillery that is incredibly passionate and knowledgable about its craft, trustworthy, and exceedingly kind—which is a big deal in our book! We feel so good about diffusing these in our homes and using them in our cleaning, beauty, and other homemade products—they are so full of good things and good vibes. We feel so good about them and so proud to share them with you!

We will launch in September with 12 oils, and hopefully more from there once we see what you all like and use. We will also be teaching useful DIY recipes here on the blog that you can make with essential oils. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen that I am constantly making recipes—it’s one of my favorite hobbies!

The last big announcement I want to share today is that we will be relaunching Happy Mail on our OuiFresh site in early 2018. Since that kit will be joining on that site, we’re gonna revamp the name slightly to Happy Mail by Oui Fresh. However, not too much else will be changing since we know you all already love that kit!

We needed a bit of a break to get all our sourcing right, but it will be back in a few short months and better than EVER.

If you’ve subscribed to Happy Mail in the past, you can expect a similar quantity and quality in your box (we’re even keeping the pricing structure the same). The upgrades we are making are that we’ll be offering more variety and aiming to use all the customer feedback and reviews we’ve received over the past few years to make the kits even more useful. The biggest piece of constructive feedback we were getting this past year was that customers were accumulating too much of the same sort of things. So we’re going to focus more on variety of pieces in your boxes. We’ll also be branching out to collaborate and feature more artists in our boxes! It is always a total pleasure and honor when we get to feature other artists and designers, so we can’t wait to do that in the kit from time to time. We couldn’t be more excited!

As our contract with the company who handled the back end of Shop.ABeautifulMess.com was coming to an end this past year, we took time to evaluate where we wanted to grow and expand for the future. We also decided to switch fulfillment partners. These are all, most likely, boring details for you. But the bottom line is that as of September 1, we’ll be in a much better situation for us and for you! We’ll be able to grow and expand, and we feel great about the future!

Starting in early September, our Shop.ABeautifulMess site will sell our online courses exclusively. OuiFresh.com will sell our retail products (anything that gets mailed to you!). Our categories of retail products will include: Apparel, Beauty, Gifts (which includes stationery!) and Subscriptions (which will include our new natural beauty box and Happy Mail that will relaunch in 2018).

Shop.ABeautifulMess.com will soon be the exclusive home for our online courses.
OuiFresh.com is where we will sell our apparel, beauty, gifts and subscriptions.
– Our new signature products for fall are non-toxic lipsticks and glosses, plus our own line of essential oils. (We’ll have new T-shirts and gift items, too.)
– We are launching a natural beauty box this autumn.
– We will relaunch Happy Mail in early 2018!

We love you all and are SO EXCITED about these new developments. If you have any questions, be sure to ask us in the comments!

Make sure you are signed up for our mailing list HERE.

Love you! Elsie + Emma

PS: Follow the @OuiFresh and @ABeautifulMess IG stories all day today for peeks behind the scenes of our big photo shoot for fall!

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Elsie Larson and Amber Ulmer. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.


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